Donald Trump and family are trying to ruin my career: Kathy Griffin

"I'm going to keep making jokes about this guy".

Griffin and celebrity photographer Tyler Shields posted photo and video of her posing with fake head on Tuesday.

Hours after the 56-year-old comedian tearfully spoke out at a press conference about how she felt "bullied" by U.S. President Donald Trump and his family, Lovato took to Twitter to call a certain someone out.

In a tweet, Trump called the photo "sick" and in a separate post, the first lady stressed that the video had negatively affected their 11-year-old son, Barron.

Kathy's lawyer Lisa Bloom staged the media gathering outside her offices in Los Angeles, and the clearly emotional comic confessed she was hurt by some of the criticism she received after the stunt went viral earlier this week (beg29May17).

U.S. television network CNN on Wednesday fired comedian Kathy Griffin from its annual New Year's Eve coverage after she provoking outrage for being photographed holding up the prop depicting Trump's bloodied severed head.

At his daily briefing on Friday, White House spokesman Sean Spicer declined to respond to Griffin's remarks, saying that the president, the first lady and the Secret Service had made clear their views on the photo.

Sources said Griffin had expected CNN "golden boy" Cooper to stand by her, but the news network swiftly announced she was sacked from the NYE broadcast with Cooper, which they've done together for 10 years. "They are detailed", she said, "and they are serious and specific".

But, she said, a sitting president and his grown children and family are "trying to ruin my life forever".

"After hearing from many Minnesotans who were rightfully offended, I've come to the conclusion that it would be best for her not to participate in the event we had previously scheduled", the Minnesota Democrat said.

In her apology earlier this week, Kathy admitted she crossed a line by holding what looked like the bloody head of the USA leader in her hand.

Venues in New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and California axed upcoming shows. At least five shows have been canceled since Griffin released the controversial image.

"Cut the crap, this wouldn't be happening to a guy - this is a woman thing", she said.

  • Salvatore Jensen