Christy Clark to stay on as BC premier

The agreement between the second and third place parties would indicate that NDP orange has become the new Green.

Last week, Clovechok said he looked on a minority government as an opportunity to work together across party lines.

She said she will not ask the lieutenant-governor to send voters back to the polls and will stay on as leader of the opposition if the Liberals are no longer the governing party.

Regarding public transportation in Metro Vancouver, where the B.C. NDP won heavily, they will move "immediately to improve transit and transportation infrastructure in cooperation with the Mayors' Council". He echoed Clark's election-night comments that the almost exact split in votes between the B.C. Liberals and the NDP is a message to all parties to work together.

"What's next are in the hands of the people we just dropped the documents with", he told reporters.

Weaver added it was critical to formulate a "very clear" referendum question.

After the Tuesday meeting, Clark announced that the Liberals wouldn't be stepping down to make way for the NDP to form government. The agreement echoes the NDP platform, pledging to meet government guidelines for for public and private care homes.

"A 10-lane bridge is only supported by the incumbent government, not by the Mayors' Council, not by the two of us standing here, it is unlikely the solution to [congestions]", he said.

She was adamant on Tuesday that "my government is quite committed to making the case for the pipeline again".

"We agree to disagree", Horgan likes to say. The agreement prevents the NDP from "request (ing) a dissolution of the Legislature during the term of the agreement, except following the defeat of a motion of confidence".

Rather, the NDP and Greens will operate as separate caucuses, with the Greens supporting the NDP on confidence votes.

The fragility of this B.C. agreement means it is always in danger of collapse.

Mr Weaver said the Liberals' support of the Kinder Morgan pipeline was one of the main reasons why he chose to back Mr Horgan instead of Ms Clark.

"We have to get the importance of our rural resource communities (across) and the infrastructure it takes to build and keep those industries working". "I think people want a change and they are going to see it".

Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris called the deal between the NDP and the Greens "expensive", and predicted a dire period for this region as a effect.

Ms Clark said she is unlikely to survive a confidence vote, but will not resign pre-emptively. "We're going to get at that as quickly as possible so we want to hear from BC Hydro what have you signed, how binding are these agreements and what are the consequences of preceding".

Justin Trudeau clearly has the constitutional right to push forward on a major pipeline expansion on the British Columbia coast.

- Invest in childcare and early childhood education to improve quality, expand spaces, increase affordability and ensure childcare is accessible for all families, with a focus on early childhood education.

She said it would be up to the lieutenant-governor to decide whether the NDP can take power or call a new election if the Liberals are defeated.

Liberals waited anxiously throughout the day for details of a deal between B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan and Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver and were greeted at day's end by news the deal had not only been signed, but specifically included a plan to oppose the pipeline. The NDP intends to stick to its plan to eliminate MSP entirely within four years, with some of the burden shifting to the income tax system.

  • Leroy Wright