China's looking to the European Union for a partner in climate action

In Trump's speech announcing the planned withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement, the president said: "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris". Their April 2016study found that global warming would slow by between 0.6°Cand 1.1°Cby 2100 as a result of the accord.

"For some reason or another, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left in this country and around the world", Pence said on 'Fox and Friends'.

Theresa May has insisted the United Kingdom is committed to the Paris Agreement on climate change as she faced criticism over her response to USA withdrawal from the deal.

And each time, Pruitt refused to answer with a "yes" or a "no", telling reporters that as he and the president discussed exiting the Paris climate deal, the topic of climate change never came up.

The United States - the world's second largest greenhouse gas emitter after China - pledged in the Paris climate deal to reduce emissions that contribute to global warming by 26 per cent in a 20-year period by 2025.

California Governor Jerry Brown, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Washington state Governor Jay Inslee announced a United States Climate Alliance to convene states committed to upholding the Paris Agreement.

"The EU and China are switching to clean energy production too slowly to keep global temperature rises below levels that will cause catastrophic changes in our climate", Kiene said.

Scientists say Earth is likely to reach more risky levels of warming sooner if the US retreats from its pledge because America contributes so much to rising temperatures. "Through deeper cooperation on climate action, the European Union and China can propel the global clean energy transition", Trio said. In Tokyo, an irate Koichi Yamamoto, the environment minister, said "I'm not just disappointed, but also feel anger". Executives with Google, Amazon, General Electric, Microsoft, and IBM are also among those in corporate America blasting Trump's decision. "I will go with the future generations", adding, "We must leave for our future generations a climate wherein they can breathe clean air and have a healthy life".

Laurene Powell Jobs-the widow of Steve Jobs-said before President Trump pulled out of the agreement that doing so would be a "colossal mistake."

"We will not ignore the science and reality of climate change, which is why I am also signing an Executive Order confirming New York's leadership role in protecting our citizens, our environment, and our planet", Cuomo said.

Without mentioning the USA specifically, Li said that "China in recent years has stayed true to its commitment" and pointed out that his was one of the first countries to ratify the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Meanwhile, Europe is trying to seize the initiative on climate again after having fallen behind China and the US last autumn.

Dan Rutherford, marine director at the International Council on Clean Transportation said: "Since shipping isn't covered in the Paris Agreement, it seems unlikely that this will slow down progress in IMO".

One World Trade Center, in NY, and Boston City Hall were among well-known buildings illuminated in green, an expression of defiance by some of the United States' biggest cities against Mr Trump's decision.

Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga, during a visit to neighbouring Fiji, said, "We provided our islands as a launching pad for them to achieve their objectives (during World War II) and now we are facing the biggest war of our time, they are abandoning us".

  • Leroy Wright