Bloomberg says US does not need Washington to fulfil Paris agreement

At the United Nations in NY, they're determined the Paris Accord won't die despite the USA withdrawal.

"I think the people of Pittsburgh understand that this is a global problem", said Angeli, a 29-year-old digital communications manager.

But polls indicate otherwise.

More than 1,000 mayors from major metropolitan centers like Boston, New York City and Los Angeles signed the The U.S. Conference of Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement, which pledges to reduce carbon emissions below 1990 levels in their cities. "I am proud to stand with my fellow governors in support of efforts to reverse the harmful effects of global warming and to send a message to the rest of the world that we accept the science of climate change and we will not let the misguided beliefs of a few ruin our planet". "Mayor Peduto will speaking the truth about climate change and 21st century solutions at a counter-rally tomorrow in Pittsburgh".

"I am not a climate change denier", asserted shovel operator Stacey Moeller, 58. Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway was asked on ABC's "Good Morning America" show whether Trump believed in climate change. Of course, we're going to keep working with our suppliers to help them do more to power their businesses with clean energy.

The alliance will convene US states that are "committed to taking aggressive action on climate change", according to Cuomo's office.

In the US, it is local and state governments, along with businesses, that are primarily responsible for the dramatic decrease in greenhouse gas emissions in recent years.

The governors of four New England states - including two Republicans - are joining a bipartisan coalition of states committed to meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

In the absence of leadership from Washington, states, cities, colleges and universities and businesses representing a sizeable percentage of the us economy will pursue ambitious climate goals, working together to take forceful action and to ensure that the USA remains a global leader in reducing emissions.

"As other countries invest in advanced technologies and move forward with the Paris Agreement, we believe the United States can best exercise global leadership and advance USA interests by remaining a full partner in this vital global effort", the letter read.

While government funding remains vital, Espinosa said, "this kind of support is crucial for the work of the Secretariat to assist nations in their efforts to implement their commitments under the Paris Climate Change Agreement". "The president has made America weaker and the world less safe".

Environmental activists upset at President Donald Trump's exit from the Paris climate accord will protest the controversial withdrawal Friday afternoon. Hence, Trump has ignored the US's historic responsibility for being the world's biggest polluter. "When you look at his advisors and associates he has ranging from extremist Brietbart media types to nations like Syria and Nicaragua, then we have to question every decision this president makes".

  • Zachary Reyes