Wonder Woman lassos $11 million at Thursday night box office

"They felt like an imposition on landscape, which didn't feel like something that women are jonesing to do".

DC should be very proud of Wonder Woman. The screen has seen something like 10 Superman movies, eight Batman movies and five Spiderman movies-not including the Lego versions-but we Wonder Woman fans have been waiting years, decades for this. But since then, as it began to die down, the release of Wonder Woman has given the film the opportunity to dominate.

The reason? Wonder Woman is played by Gadot, an Israeli who served in the country's defense forces. But it's her romantic arc with Trevor, steely belief in the good of humans and unwavering righteousness that all add up to make a wholesome good-versus-evil film that's surely bound for success.

While the movie centers around a lengthy story about Greek gods, its main plot revolves around Diana (a charming, magnetic presence by Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (an endlessly amusing Chris Pine), a USA military pilot operating as a spy during World War I. "I grew up watching women playing princesses or damsels in distress". In real life, we bring life.

Jenkins-whose last movie, Monster, earned Charlize Theron an Oscar for an entirely different kind of battling woman-gives us a new take on the superhero movie. Because yes, Wonder Woman will certainly slip into the top spot on the podium at the US Box Office. The use of humour is also great and the comic timing is ideal. Wonder Woman 1 is so much about her becoming the person she is.

A user pointed out sarcastically that Wonder Women is set in World War background, and wrote, "Chris Pine dissing infinity war but.ww is.ok nevermind".

Gal Gadot (as Wonder Woman): "How can a woman possibly fight in this?"

"The movie is a superhero movie and it's packed with action and spectacles and all of the big "wowzies" things, but it was really important for us to convey a message", she said. "I love the dude, but that was such a Who's Mans?"

This entire film revolves around Diana and even in a few moments where Pine's character tries to "mansplain" or play the masculine protector, she swiftly cuts him down and steps to the front. Gal Gadot has proven herself in Batman v Superman and with a full film behind her, she is exceptional.

The World War I setting lends the impactful action scenes a sense of distinction, and an early set-piece on Themyscira featuring an army of female warriors is frankly exhilarating to behold.

  • Salvatore Jensen