When It Comes To 'Covfefe' Merriam-Webster Has No Words

If there's anything generating more buzz Wednesday than the NBA Finals, it's a string of letters tweeted out by President Trump in the overnight hours.

Celebrities have taken to their own Twitters to react to the amusing tweet and are debating the meaning of "covfefe", which quickly became the number one trending topic.

This screen grab shows a tweet from President Donald Trump which has social media trying to find a meaning in the mysterious term "covfefe". "(We) understand more than most that sometimes it is necessary to use code words".

However, the folks at Merriam-Webster didn't have much to say about covfefe because, quite simply, it doesn't exist.

When asked about the meaning behind the president's tweet at Wednesday's press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said: "The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant". "Enjoy!" he tweeted. But the "covfefe" debate didn't end there.

Since his election as President of the United States, Donald Trump's Twitter activity has come in for ever-increasing scrutiny and, more often than not, ridicule.

She was of course referencing the president's incoherent, late-night tweet on Tuesday, which stated: 'Despite the constant negative press covfefe'.

The "covfefe" tweet was deleted about six hours later, but it went viral in the meantime as news outlets and social media made light of the apparent spelling mistake and tried to explain it.

  • Leroy Wright