Warren Haynes Pens Gregg Allman Memory

Gregg and Cher's marriage only lasted 4 years, seeing them divorce in 1979. His love for his family and bandmates was passionate as was the love he had for his extraordinary fans.

On Oct. 29, 1971, just before the group achieved mainstream popularity, Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Despite adding rescheduled dates to the tour in March, a rep for Allman said in a statement that, "It's been determined that Gregg will not be touring in 2017".

After two back-to-back tweets, she posted another tweet with a picture of Gregg, captioning it as, "Chank, Thinking bout amusing, crazy, incredible Macon days, dear friend".

"Gregg Allman, thank you for everything".

It was eight months after his surgery, on the eve of the release of his comeback solo album, Low Country Blues, that I had the chance to interview the man.

He suffered from hepatitis C due to excessive substance and alcohol use that made him undergo liver transplant in 2016. Gregg kept the flame burning throughout the ensuing decades that saw them inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995 The Allman Brothers notched up eleven gold and five platinum albums from 1971 to 2005 and retain a fanatical live following of old and young followers. As he said in one of his best-known songs: "Well, I've got to run to keep from hidin",/And I'm bound to keep on ridin"/And I've got one more silver dollar, /But I'm not gonna let "em catch me, no, /Not gonna let "em catch the Midnight Rider".

Since 1966 and his first scraps of success with his brother in the Allman Joys, Gregg had the voice of an icon.

Of course anyone who has heard an Allman Brothers live recording will be aware of the band's ability to cut loose and jam, something Allman said were the real money moments.

Allman founded the Allman Brothers Band with late brother Duane, and the group blended a stew of influences with virtuoso musicianship, inspiring generations of musicians.

"So sad to hear about Gregg Allman passing - a great musician". He was admitted to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2006 and, with the Allman Brothers, received a Grammy Award for lifetime achievement in 2012. All My Friends: Celebrating the Songs and Voice of Gregg Allman, a live album featuring performances by Allman alongside contemporaries Dr. John, Eric Church, Jackson Browne, John Hiatt, Warren Haynes and Widespread Panic, among others, was released in 2015.

Over the next few years I would begin to play guitar as everyone of my music loving friends became Allman Brothers' freaks. "As much as I hate it, it's time for me to take some real time off to heal".

"Duane and I caught it like an illness", Gregg told Southern Living magazine.

Gregg is survived by his son Elijah Blue - who he has with his ex-wife singer Cher - and Devon, Layla, Delilah and Michael from past relationships.

While the loss of Brother Gregg is deeply saddening, his health problems were long spanning and no secret. I mean, we only have a couple of seconds left.

  • Salvatore Jensen