Trump says US will abandon global climate accord

Keeping the treaty intact would not have prevented the administration from rolling back some of Obama's ambitious domestic climate programs, they said.

The United States is the world's second-biggest carbon dioxide emitter behind China. Yesterday, Elon Musk threatened to cease advising the president as part of Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum if he made a decision to drop U.S. participation in the Paris Accord.

Several business executives had argued against the move, but President Trump said it would be good for the United States economy.

In Berlin, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said European allies had tried hard to convince Trump to stay in the agreement at the Group of Seven summit last week. Trump's decision to ignore the vast majority of the American public and the scientific community will harm our country, costing us lives, jobs and our role as a world leader.

In a statement Thursday, former President Barack Obama suggested that California and like-minded states could benefit from an agreement that Trump has now rejected.

Norway's largest pension fund with 53 billion euro ($59.5 billion) in assets under its management said it would continue to invest in renewable energy despite the American president's decision, saying in a statement that "Donald Trump is jumping off a train that has already left the station".

Trump continued, "I can not, in good conscience, support a deal that punishes the United States - the world's leader in environmental protection - while imposing no meaningful obligations on the world's leading polluters", Trump said, before singling out China and India. Trump has stopped promising he will gut the agreement, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said a decision on how to proceed will be part of an Iran policy review now under way. "The Paris Agreement is the collective achievement of leaders around the world, and it can not and will not be derailed by the ignorance of one man whose term of office is highly uncertain".

"Climate change is real", Musk said in a Twitter post earlier today.

Canada, the European Union, and China have said they will honor their commitments to the pact even if the United States withdraws.

President Donald Trump will announce his decision on whether to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord during a Rose Garden event Thursday afternoon.

In Rome, Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said his country should not retreat from its actions on climate.

Opponents of the Paris agreement also say imposing regulations to reduce carbon emissions is too costly. "I am fighting every day for the great people of this country", he said.

"This action is totally contrary to their best interests: their health, security, food supply, jobs and future".

Without mentioning the USA specifically, he said China has been "actively promoting the Paris agreement and we were one of the first countries to ratify the Paris agreement".

"We (Australia) represent about 1.3 or 1.4 per cent of the world's emissions and if you count up all those countries who have emissions production under 2 per cent, that makes up 40 per cent of the total global emissions profile". His reversal of Obama-era policy was expected to please many of his supporters in the Republican Party but infuriate environmentalists and America's allies.

Carolyn Beeler, The World's environment reporter, noted that Trump's complaints about the Paris agreement represent a narrow view of what's fair when it comes to tackling climate change.

"If the president is going to be AWOL in this profoundly important human endeavor, then California and other states will step up", said California governor Jerry Brown.

In anticipation of a USA withdrawal, European officials said China and the European Union will seek on June 2 to bolster the agreement by recommitting themselves to full implementation of the accord. "She looks forward to learning more about this newly formed partnership", Hockaday said.

  • Leroy Wright