Trump Pulls US Out of Paris Climate Agreement

Junker spoke Wednesday in Berlin. A host of countries - from China to Germany - have committed to stay with the Paris Agreement regardless of whether the United States, the world's second-largest annual polluter, dumps it. Trump himself kept everyone in suspense, saying he was still listening to "a lot of people both ways". However, others on Trump's team are pushing him to withdraw, something he promised to do as a candidate.

He is due to decide the U.S. stance soon. That means the US would remain in the agreement, at least formally, for another three-and-a-half years, ensuring the issue remains alive in the next presidential election.

At home in America, the U.S. Conference of Mayors said it strongly opposed the decision and said mayors will continue efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions blamed for global warming.

Likewise, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden told NPR earlier this month that talk of leaving the Paris accord risked creating the "unpredictability" that makes business decisions harder.

Administrator Scott Pruitt is part of a small team working on whether to go for a full and formal exit, which will take three years, or if the USA should back out of the United Nations climate change treaty, which would be faster, according to Axios. "Protecting the environment and growing the economy are not mutually exclusive".

"Some may seek to portray the response to climate change as a fundamental threat to the economy", Guterres said.

President Trump met Tuesday with the head of the Environmental Protection Agency ahead of a decision on whether the USA will withdraw from the global pact aimed at slowing climate change. Trump is largely expected to pull out, which could have a devastating effect on the worldwide plan to reduce pollution.

"The message is simple: the sustainability train has left the station".

NY and California have already pledged to combat climate change without the Trump administration's support. That option would provide a fast track and could be done in a year, but would deny the USA a future seat at the table, locking the country out of future climate talks.

Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila (JOO'-hah SEE'-pah-lah) says climate change won't be reversed "by closing your eyes".

"If this is true, it is a big setback".

Even if Trump withdraws, Guterres said, "it's very important for USA society as a whole - the cities, the states, the companies, the businesses - to remain engaged".

Gutteres never mentioned the American leader by name in his speech at New York University's Stern School of Business, his first major address on climate change since taking the reins of the United Nations on January 1.

Guterres issued the warning after calling on world leaders to adhere to the agreement in his first major speech on climate change as secretary general. Since climate change is a collective problem, that means that the slack must be made up some other way. "Climate solutions provide opportunities that are unmatchable".

Meanwhile, influential Republican senator Ted Cruz urged the United States president to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

All implementation of the non-binding portions of the agreement will cease to be enforced by the United States, he said.

Trump's decision on Paris is a choice between an existential crisis, including a burden on future generations, rising seas and mass extinction - and clean energy jobs here and now. "Make America great again!", Trump said.

Many in conservative circles outside the White House are still in wait-and-see mode.

"I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days", Trump tweeted Wednesday amid media reports that a withdrawal was looming. Trump needs to keep this one real.

President Donald Trump is expected to withdraw the United States from a landmark global climate agreement, a White House official said Wednesday, though Trump and aides were looking for "caveats in the language" related to the exit and had not made a final decision. But it's worth stepping back for just a moment to remember exactly how much is at stake in what Trump calls his forthcoming "final decision" on this matter.

The official insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the decision before the official announcement. Like his boss, the agency head has questioned the consensus of climate scientists that the Earth is warming and that man-made emissions are to blame.

  • Zachary Reyes