Trump, Merkel War of Words Escalates

"We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands", Ms Merkel said at a campaign event in Bavaria after Mr Trump just returned to Washington from his first foreign trip.

The American President took to Twitter to lambast the German chancellor after she suggested Europe can no longer rely on the US.

Merkel suggested that Europe's relationship with the USA had shifted significantly following last week's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and G-7 meetings with President Donald Trump that produced disappointing results, saying May 27 that "the times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days".

Trump had tweeted earlier on Tuesday that Germany's trade and military policies are very bad for his country and warned that something will be done about it.

With all President Donald Trump has on his plate this week - staff shakeups, the Russian Federation probes and Jared Kushner; health care, budget, debt ceiling and the Paris climate deal - Trump on Tuesday morning made a decision to escalate his attack on Germany over trade. In keeping with his nationalist economic agenda, he hit out in particular at Germany's substantial trade surplus with the US, threatening to introduce customs duties in retaliation.Still, it would be unlike Merkel just to give up on dealing with Trump, Tempel said.

"This takes nothing away from the importance of our trans-Atlantic ties and our alliance with the United States, but the importance we put on these ties can not mean that we abandon fundamental principles such as our commitment to fight climate change and in favor of open societies and free trade", he said.

According to German media, he called the country "very bad" because of its trade deficit with the U.S.

Modi signaled that India will move forward on its climate agenda even if the USA exits the Paris agreement, saying politicians have "absolutely no right" to put in jeopardy the environment for future generations. "This will change", Trump wrote on Twitter. "She did this before in the face of crisis that Europe is facing". The U.S. spends 3.6 percent.

The comment appeared to be prompted by Mr Trump's continued indecisiveness on whether the USA should remain in the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Spicer went on to say that the two heads of state "get along very well" and that Trump "has a lot of respect" for Merkel. "So we're going to continue to support our allies the way we always have", she told MSNBC.

"I have experienced this in the last few days", Merkel said.

Various mainstream outlets have reported Merkel's comments as a slight against the Trump administration's foreign policy.

  • Leroy Wright