The most entertaining moments from the Election Debate

Conservative Party advisers may be considering whether it was a good move for Theresa May not to take part in a TV debate as social media users made much of how the prime minister was conspicuous by her absence.

She will say in her speech: "This great national moment needs a great national effort in which we pull together with a unity of objective and - however we voted in the referendum last June - we come together with a determination to make a success of the years ahead", the Times reported.

The TV debate last night was a rare moment in the spotlight for climate issues during a general election campaign that has been dominated by Brexit and debate over Britain's public services.

So who won, and did Jeremy Corbyn's gambit pay off?

Mr Corbyn said: "I will be taking part in tonight's debate because I believe we must give people the chance to hear and engage with the leaders of the main parties before they vote". Mr Farron said. "The Prime Minister is not here tonight". She can't be bothered, so why should you? "So why should you?"

Mr Corbyn was more restrained towards the absent Prime Minister, but began by saying simply: "I am here".

Caroline Lucas of the Green Party reminded voters that: "one of the most important aspects of leadership is to show up".

But Mr Nuttall rebuked by shouting "You invited Hamas, you invited Hamas to the House of Commons", referring to when Mr Corbyn called the members "friends".

Singling out Mr Robertson over the SNP's calls for another independence referendum, she said: "I know that for Angus, there's no referendum result he will accept, every one seems to be wrong to him".

Rudd, when talking about Jeremy Corbyn's "fantasy economics", said: "It's as though he thinks it's some sort of game, a game of Monopoly perhaps".

People on Twitter were left feeling very confused, since the colours represent the value of the money and not what can be bought with it, though some expressed their keenness to make the most of her misunderstanding of the classic board game and challenged her to a game.

On security, Mr Robertson accused Ukip of "going straight for the Muslims" in the wake of the Manchester bombing.

  • Leroy Wright