Sports With Littlefield: LeBron James Takes on Michael Jordan's Legacy08:34

Cavaliers star LeBron James, who sparked the fightback last year to bring his beloved Cleveland its first major sports crown in 52 years, knows the Warriors have extra motivation.

Beaten past year by Cleveland's historic comeback, the Warriors will try to avenge that defeat and get back on top when they face the Cavaliers again, the first time two teams have met three straight times in the NBA Finals.

This is a perfectly reasonable thing for Durant to do. "Even though I wasn't here the last couple years, talking and hearing the stories and watching the film kind of transfers me and I feel like I've been part of this team". I think that Kevin Durant going to the Warriors made them less likable. The key difference between either of those hypothetical scenarios and the one he currently finds himself in is that both would leave him considerably richer than he is right now. "I have bad games, but it's just a matter of me just trying to be the best me I can be, go out there and work extremely hard on my game and try to showcase it". "It doesn't mean I can go in there and win again".

"I felt like when I got here, I could fill in some gaps, fill in some holes just in the way these guys approach the game and the level of seriousness it takes every single day", West said.

Golden State owner Peter Guber, who walked Riley to his sports vehicle, told Riley, "Don't answer that question". Interim coach Mike Brown has been making the most of this opportunity by leading the Warriors to ten straight wins and will likely coach Golden State for rest of the NBA Finals.

J.R. Smith (.449), James (.421), Love (.475) and bench players Korver (.415), Iman Shumpert (.471), Channing Frye (.526), Williams (.500) and Richard Jefferson (.400) are all shooting better than.400 on 3-pointers for the Cavs in the postseason. "We're both playing at a high level".

"Defensively he sets the tone for them", Love said of Green.

Small forwards: The Cavaliers' LeBron James is the best all-around player on the planet and may be the greatest National Basketball Association player of all time. Golden State Warriors' JaVale McGee dribbles during an NBA basketball practice, Wednesday, May 31, 2017, in Oakland, Calif.

The acquisition sent quakes throughout the National Basketball Association and all but assured the Warriors, who went on to post the league's best record, a ticket back to the Finals. "Obviously when you play against somebody and it's the third time in a row and split the seasons and championships, they don't like each other".

"When he's going, he makes their team a lot better", Green said, "so it is my job to try to take him out of the game".

"They're going to challenge us offensively, defensively, mentally, physically".

Green added, "That's how focused he is on being great". His team lost only one game - to the Boston Celtics - in the early rounds of this year's playoffs.

One year later, he was on the other end. However, there still lies the stigma of winning an National Basketball Association championship by hitching a ride with one of the best teams in the league or by orchestrating a team-up of superstar ballers which James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh did in 2010.

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