Spicer Offers Cryptic Explanation for Trump 'Covfefe' Tweet

He then praised Trump as "the greatest communicator as a president we've ever had" - something his current communications team should be aware of and know how to handle.

On Twitter, President Trump said "Russian officials must be laughing at the USA - and how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election - has taken over the fake news".

"It has also been my distinct pleasure to work side-by-side, day-by-day with the staff of the communications and press departments". While his departure day is still unknown, he resigned on May 18th in a private meeting with president Trump and offered to stay on until the President completed his first worldwide trip to ease the transition.

A top communications aide to President Donald Trump has resigned, in what many inside and outside the White House see as the first shoe to drop before a wider overhaul.

Trump hired Kasowitz last week to lead a legal team focused on steering the President through the various investigations into Russia's election meddling.

It isn't always necessary for a president to have a strong command on the finer details of policies; they can set the overarching goal and others can deal with the specifics. Spicer said, "The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant". Priebus and White House adviser Steve Bannon have been laying the groundwork for the new "war room". The White House has also not provided a name of who will be replacing Dubke's role.

"Wow. That's all he wanted", one source close to the White House told CNN.

Last week national media broke reports that President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, may have had inappropriate contact with Russian officials during the presidential transition period.

Officials said he tried to set up back channels with Russian Federation for private communication.

The Comey associate, who wasn't authorised to discuss details of the testimony and spoke on condition of anonymity, declined to discuss the content of Comey's planned testimony.

A senior administration official said Kushner was keeping his head down and focusing on work after the foreign trip.

"That being said, I think Secretary Kelly and General McMaster have both discussed that in general terms, back channels are an appropriate part of diplomacy".

It can be hard for communications staffers "to fall back on what you would know as Trump's core principles, to say, 'OK, here's what he's saying in this particular context, ' because basically that can change", Hagle said.

NPR has not independently confirmed the claims made in The Post's story, which cites "U.S. officials briefed on intelligence reports".

  • Leroy Wright