Russia, Moldova expel respective diplomats

The Russian Foreign Ministry had called the move "provocative and unjustified".

On Monday, Moldovan media reported about the decision of Chisinau to expel five Russian diplomats.

"Moldova's latest move is destructive and runs counter to the principles of partnership and mutual confidence", the statement added.

The foreign ministry also said Estonia's consul-general in St. Petersburg, Janus Kirikmae, and Kantin Kanarik, a consular official in Pskov, had been declared personae non grata.

It came after the Estonian Foreign Ministry expelled two diplomats of the Russian Consulate in the city of Narva on May 26, giving no reasons.

Moscow also said that the "ongoing destructive policy" of the Estonian government toward Russian Federation would "have most adverse effects" on bilateral relations between the two countries, adding that it holds the Estonian side responsible for the ongoing deterioration in relationships.

Russia hopes "Chisinau becomes aware of the counter-productive nature of its unfriendly actions", the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement announcing the tit-for-tat expulsions from Moscow.

At the same time, during a briefing yesterday, held by the country's president, Igor Dodon, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the expulsion of Russian diplomats, noting that in 25 years of independence, no one has allowed himself to make such decisions.

The move provoked an angry reaction from Moldovan President Igor Dodon, who said he was "deeply embarrassed by this unfriendly step" against Moldova's "strategic partner", Russian Federation.

  • Leroy Wright