Rubber Match: 2017 Finals vs. 2015 and 2016 Finals

The wait is over!

Sports Illustrated - Seven picked the Warriors, two picked the Cavs.

Ah, you're courageous. Welcome to the Cavs den.

The acquisition sent quakes throughout the National Basketball Association and all but assured the Warriors, who went on to post the league's best record, a ticket back to the Finals. But if we move the basketball and move our bodies, I think anybody can find a crack in the defense or some space to make a shot.

"As far as pressure, I think pressure is what you make it", Golden State's Draymond Green told reporters on Wednesday. James is 3-4 overall in the finals.

Before I get into individual reasons, here's why the Cavs will in the title in the short.

Now, let's break this down.

Now it's LeBron James v Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. In fact, while LeBron was going through his unusual mood in Cleveland against the Celtics, the guy who finished off Boston was Kyrie Irving.

Nate P: That's a good question actually, but I'm so used to seeing Klay Thompson experience these lulls that I sort of don't worry about it - every year, at least once a year, we have this conversation. Mic drop, no. 1!

How does Kevin Love play?

According to ESPN, Durant could take less money than the potential max extension that he could have earned in order to keep other players with the Warriors. Somebody on the Cavs has to stop him. And, can we talk about how he must've been a quarterback in a past life?

Is it LeBron James, chasing down the ghost of Michael Jordan? What's up, Tom Brady?! Much is made of his 3-4 record in NBA Finals series. LeBron has never had a winning record in the Finals. Irving has averaged 26.6 points in the past two Finals, while Curry has averaged 24.1. Not to mention, he's a young pup at 25, having been in the league for six years now. Adding that it doesn't matter "whether you think I'm soft or I'm tough or I look like I'm 16 or whatever".

What's something else that the Warriors don't have?

"What happened in the past in my mind doesn't really count now unless we go out and finish the deal", Thompson said. And, he completely eats the glass when it comes to the boards. That was always the thing going against the Warriors - guys go cold sometimes. Where has he been in the postseason?

FTS: How much of a threat do you see the Cavs as to Golden State? However, he hasn't been performing that way during this year's finals. I knew what I learned in the last couple years that I was gone.

And, speaking of less threats...

Add in the Warriors' home-court advantage and the feeling gets stronger.

"We lost one (finals), we won two and we lost another one", James said. Clearly, attitudes are key in the Finals, and the Cavs have their heads on a bit tighter this year.

Here's my thing - People continue to doubt the best player in the league, LeBron and the army behind him. Yes, Golden State will be a challenge and yes, they have four All-Star players; But, the Cavs also have three as well.

"... Being a competitor, you want to be able to help your team win and be a factor and I've gotten the opportunity and I'm blessed to do that (with the Warriors)". UM, redeem himself from what, exactly?

  • Julie Sanders