Police release more images of Manchester bomber

Police said they believed the auto was a significant piece of evidence in the investigation into the May 22 attack when Salman Abedi walked into the foyer of Manchester Arena and detonated an improvised explosive device as fans left an Ariana Grande concert, reports Efe. There is a 100m cordon in place around the Banff Road area, as a precaution, and police are asking people to avoid the area.

Separately, Greater Manchester Police have released new CCTV images of Salman Abedi before he killed 22 people at the Manchester Arena on 22 May.

Police spokesman Russ Jackson called the discovery of the vehicle "potentially a significant development". He says "the fact that the person that did this is related to us by blood is something that's going to stay with me for the rest of my life".

"We have had police officers conducting house-to-house inquiries but we are still not satisfied why Abedi went there and it's vital we understand exactly where he went there and who he spoke to in these final days before the attack".

"At Ticketmaster we are doing everything we can - including extending today's deadline - to ensure that tickets go to the actual fans and not the opportunists or touts who have also been applying for free tickets", the company said.

He added: "Now they can start to deal and rebuild their lives, I hope this news will make everyone smile as this is the best news we've had through this tragedy".

Lewis said the evacuation would impact his studies, as he had six exams coming up and he was "not allowed to retrieve his books or notes".

"We are releasing further images of Abedi, so I would ask you to look closely at them and contact us if you saw him".

Malaysian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Ahmad Rasidi Hazizi said he had spoken to the trio and they stressed that they "never met or knew" Abedi.

"The first time they came to our door they asked us a few questions". If you have any images or footage that you believe can assist us then upload them to Ukpoliceimageappeal.co.uk or Ukpaceimageappealcom.

He said the trio had weekly group gatherings at their rented accommodation as part of their academic discourse group called the Independent School of Thinkers, where they discussed "academic topics".

At least 22 people were killed and dozens of others injured in a blast at the end of a Ariana Grande concert in the city on 22 May.

"We're Mancunians ourselves", said Isaac.

He added: "We have a significant police response - armed and unarmed - available to support both events from the morning right through to midnight".

  • Salvatore Jensen