May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with UK vote 1 week away

Earlier this week Mrs May warned that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was not prepared for Brexit negotiations and would go into talks with Brussels - scheduled to begin on 19 June - alone and naked. But having so many politicians on the podium, at the same time, meant an terrible lot of verbal crossfire.

"I'm not going to join a government led by Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn".

Britain can look forward to a brighter future outside the EU, Theresa May has declared as she sought to breathe new life into the Conservatives' faltering General Election campaign.

The Labour leader has ruled out forming a coalition with the SNP but after YouGov modelling suggested the June 8 poll could result in no party gaining an overall majority, Mr Corbyn sidestepped questions about looser arrangements which could see him take the keys to Number 10.

"He doesn't seem like other politicians where it's just full of fluff and nothing, and constant regurgitation of slogans; he seems to actually mean what he says". The parliamentary election takes place on Thursday June 8.

Corbyn's party are still a long way behind the Conservative party even if they do manage to upset the odds by winning a majority of the seats where they are now second favourite.

Although the debate had no clear winners, the consensus among most analysts was that Corbyn scored a crucial victory over May by showing up.

Ms Wood wasn't too happy about the suggestion, hitting back that it was the Conservative Party and UKIP that were in coalition.

"It's nice to see someone coming out with proper "left" views", said Watson, a 23-year old chemistry student.

"With the Conservatives' poll lead narrowing, and May vulnerable on the issue of social care, Corbyn's team believe the idea that May has ducked a debate will resonate with voters", The Guardian reports.

"If people want to vote for it, then good".

Those figures are from the model's central estimate, which acknowledges a large range of variation.

A poll for the Jewish Chronicle conducted by Survation reveals the levels of dissatisfaction Jewish voters feel for Labour. YouGov in April called age the "new dividing line in British politics".

In a speech that attempted to portray Theresa May's campaign and manifesto as "weak and wobbly", Corbyn accused Boris Johnson of lying to the public during the European Union referendum a year ago. The elderly vote helped swing that referendum 52 to 48 percent in favour of Brexit.

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn asked "where is Theresa May, what happened to her?" as he defended his own leadership abilities.

"We're demonstrating the energy and the excitement behind the campaign and behind the manifesto", the source said. However, the Conservative party have become favourites to win the Perth and North Perthshire seats, taking favouritism from SNP following the latter's manifesto release.

"I don't have the simple answer for it at this stage - I don't think anybody would expect me to, because this election was called unexpectedly; we had two weeks to prepare all of this - but I'm very well aware of that problem", said Corbyn.

  • Leroy Wright