Listen to Lorde's New Single "Perfect Places"

"My heart broke. I moved out of home and into the city and I made new friends and started to realize that no-one is just good or bad, that everyone is both", Lorde wrote in an extensive album update last November. Listen to "Perfect Places" below!

The release of Lorde's much-anticipated second album came a step nearer this morning as Melodrama's second single hit the streets.

Opening with a minimal electronic drum beat, Lorde's voice is bare, as she harmonizes with herself, singing, "Every night, I live and die / Feel the party to my bones / Watch the wasters blow the speakers / Spill my guts beneath the outdoor light".

"Perfect Places" is the final song on Lorde's sophomore album, a fitting finale for an LP rumored to be packed with stories of heartbreak, hedonism and hopeful dancing.

"Perfect Places", co-produced by Lorde, is available now. Even so, it's the verses that really stand out. "Don't you think it's boring how people talk?" she'd start a song, which was nothing new for a teenager to say but certainly felt novel in a chart-topping pop song.

"All of the things we're taking/ 'Cause we are young and ashamed", she sings on the chorus as a wall of 1980s keyboards swells behind her, "Sends us to ideal places/ All of our heroes fading/ Now I can't stand to be alone/ Let's go to flawless places". "Perfect Places" is available now.

  • Zachary Reyes