Lebanon bans Wonder Woman film because Gal Gadot is Israeli

The first female-starring superhero film directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins, carries the burden of representing half the population, and her success could determine the fates of other female superhero films.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot are worldwide treasures.

Spotted on the red carpet was some model beauties, including Holly Carpenter and Alannah Beirne.

The film's eponymous role is played by Gal Gadot, an Israeli who like most of her compatriots did two years of compulsory service in the Israel Defense Force.

The woman behind the movie is director Patty Jenkins.

When American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes there, Diana learns about World War One and leaves the island to follow Steve to the front lines to vanquish the war god. Critics have given this film a warm welcome and a big thumbs-up.

The seeds of "Wonder Woman" were sown in 2016's dismal "Batman v. Superman." Last year Wonder Woman lost her position as an honorary ambassador for the United Nations after a grass roots petition slammed the character as "a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad. the epitome of a "pin-up" girl".

"What was fascinating here was her objective - it's going to be a little bit different than any superhero movie I'd seen that was from a different kind of character and from a man", Jenkins said.

The first part of the movie covers Diana's origin story-born to Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) on the island paradise of Themiscyra, she becomes the most fearsome of Amazon warriors.

Adding, "And I thought, 'If I take this, it'll be a big disservice to women". Trained as a warrior, Diana is unaware of her power and true identity, which has been shrouded in mystery and kept hidden from her until a USA military pilot, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), crashes his plane in the surrounding sea.

Gadot went through a lot of intensive training in order to get in fighting shape for her turn as Diana Prince, the Amazonian warrior princess also known as Wonder Woman.

The latest offering from the DC Comics Extended Universe, staring Gal Gadot as Diane Prince, hit cinemas on June 1 in the United Kingdom and opens on June 2 in North America.

Warner Bros. may not have to worry about the film doing badly as the reviews for it have been stellar. During times of fear, darkness and pain, the shining beacon that is Wonder Woman reminds us to fight for truth, love unabashedly and protect even those who might not deserve it. Thank goodness we have her.

While Lebanon routinely boycotts Israeli-made goods, the movie, apart from its lead, has nothing to do with Israel.

  • Salvatore Jensen