Lebanon bans the new "Wonder Woman" movie

The movie hits theaters Friday.

But she can handle the pressure. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ban was put into effect due to the fact that actress Gal Gadot is Israeli and has served in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

Suicide Squad was a mess.

The character familiarity helps to ensure the success of "Wonder Woman", but it is also likely that the film will see a fair amount of walk-up business from non-DC fans. If they do it with a man, it will just be yet another mistake that the studio made. I thought back to this as the film took a needlessly convoluted twist that led into an ugly superhero soup climax of flashing lights and indistinguishable smashing.

A better compassion than anything from DC or Marvel is last year's Ghostbusters remake, which set out to present women as proper action stars - without being sexualised - for the first time.

Of the many things the new Wonder Woman gets right, the first and most important is a triumph of scale, of emphasizing the alien immensity of Princess Diana before she mingles with humans and accepts her civilian alter-ego, Diana Prince.

The other big standout here is Chris Pine. Men are amusingly seen as sidekicks to superior females both good and bad and the hoariest of cinema tropes are sent up - like the one about a pair of glasses suddenly turning a handsome woman into a wallflower.

The male/female dynamic is of course crucial to the film. The moment we first see Diana step out in her costume and engage in her first real battle sent chills throughout my entire body. This time they presented their petition to the security agencies on Monday, she said. As it's introducing Diana and her world, the film takes an already established higher being and challenges her infallibility. "Especially to all the boys and girls who are risking their lives protecting my country against the horrific acts conducted by Hamas, who are hiding like cowards behind women and children.We shall overcome!" Whenever we think of a superhero movie, it is DC's Batman and Superman or Marvel Comics' Iron Man, Spiderman, Captain America, Deadpool, Hulk, Wolverine and Thor who have got standalone films.

If Wonder Woman wasn't White, people on social media would go haywire. If there's a complaint here it's that the effects occasionally look a little jagged and unpolished, but it's nothing too distracting. Whereas Ghostbusters succeeded in creating non-sexualised action stars, Wonder Woman sells itself on the obvious sex appeal of the character - every fanboy's biggest wank fantasy (sorry, Buffy).

The movie, based on the DC Comics character, has earned acclaim for Gadot for landing a rare leading role for a woman in a super hero movie. Wonder Woman is strong enough to even teach them a bit of humility. Initially, I was anxious I'd attribute Wonder Woman's success to being a well made film within the DC Extended Universe (and we've been burned so many times), and just clinging to it like a life raft in a sea of schmaltz.

All it needed was a woman's touch. Less Batmen and supermenches, more wonderful women please.

  • Salvatore Jensen