Khloe Kardashian accuses friend of stealing

On this episode of Celebrities Subtweeting, Khloe Kardashian turns to Twitter for advice about a shady a** friend.

Khloé Kardashian called out a friend for "stealing" from her on Twitter on Thursday, June 1. "Or would you go the legal route?"

Not that we ever doubted her honesty, obvs.

Though she's not quite sure what type of punishment she'll dole out to this thief in friend's clothing, Koko is tightening up her inner circle and being extra careful of the company she keeps.

Wayyyyy TOO many shady people in the world!

"No guys! Malika is my sister!"

Internet detectives were also quickto point the finger at Khloe's ex-stylist Monica Rose.

At the end of April, People reported Khloe Kardashian was no longer working with longtime stylist Monica Rose. "I see a few snakes", she concluded.

Last month, the entire Kar-Jenner family unfollowed Rose on all social media platforms (hey, it's a big deal, okay?) and rumours swirled that a potential lawsuit might be in the works (although we know not for what). "Khloé fired her and is considering suing", a source told Us Weekly.

"I haven't worked with her in maybe four years, so my reason is not connected to this", Kim Kardashian said. That's me years ago. Asked if she would accept if he proposed, she shared recently: "Yes I would ..." "For me, I wanted a new vibe, and Kanye wanted to give me a makeover".

"You're going to have to ask them", she told host Andy Cohen of her sisters' decision to split from Rose.

  • Salvatore Jensen