Illinois House Passes Automatic Voter Registration Bill

The Senate spent much of the past five months in bipartisan negotiations, attempting to strike a "grand bargain" that both satisfied Gov. Bruce Rauner's economic agenda and adequately funded IL government.

The Illinois General Assembly ended its annual legislative session last night without agreeing on a budget.

That provision was not included in two separate Democratic-sponsored property-tax freeze measures that passed the Senate and moved to the House on Tuesday.

CULLERTON: "Republicans didn't vote for anything - with some exceptions - and as a result we don't have a budget".

Fiscal Year 2018 starts July 1, so lawmakers have until June 30th to reach an agreement. "After reviewing the Senate's plan, it's become clear that this plan isn't the relief local families need, but would further add to their burden". The downgrades will mean higher borrowing costs for IL, which means more pressure on a deeply strained budget, which means less money for government services, for social service providers, schools, universities, the elderly, corrections, Medicaid. Due to the budget impasse in the state that has frozen all state funding to higher education centers, public colleges have sent layoff notices to hundreds of employees and received substantial credit downgrades from Moody's Investors Service. A tragic failure to pass a balanced budget, along with critical, structural changes to protect taxpayers and grow more jobs.

Rauner vetoed a different version of the plan over concerns that it didn't do enough to prevent voter fraud.

For one, we've been telling you about Illinois' 911 system.

Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan told reporters Wednesday that his party would continue working with Republicans during June to fashion a balanced budget.

The bill would automatically register eligible citizens who visit the Department of Motor Vehicles, Secretary of State's office, and several other state agencies unless they opt out.

Kelly said that hurt a lot of downstate schools specifically because we just don't have the property tax base from which to pull funding like they have in the suburban collar counties near Chicago. Vendors wait six months to be paid from a $14.5 billion pile of overdue bills.

Rauner blamed Democrats for failure to get his budget proposal enacted - and for wrecking the grand bargain.

Gov. Rauner hasn't said what he'll do.

As many legislators continue to attack voting rights from all angles, forcing legislation like this into law is the best protection against voter disenfranchisement now possible.

SB9, and other proposals like it, served as a warning sign for businesses in the state, business leaders said.

For more than two years, the main political divide in Springfield has been between Democrats and Republicans. The Senate plan makes the tax increase retroactive to January 1, which would have made individual tax rates 5.81 percent for the rest of the year.

In 2017, 32 states have already introduced similar legislation to either implement or expand automatic registration.

State Senator Jil Tracy: "After months of progress, I'm extremely disappointed the IL legislature is adjourning without a true balanced budget or meaningful reforms".

  • Larry Hoffman