House gives preliminary approval to $22.9B budget

"So the Republican Party, which is ostensibly the party of the president - and they owe their majority to him, particularly the Senate - are roadblocking Donald Trump more than the Democrats are, because the Democrats can not".

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On the tax side of the debate, Senate Republicans are erroneously claiming 83% of taxpayers will see a tax cut under their plan.

The House also socks away less money in the state's "rainy day" reserve fund, but it does spread raises out among more teachers, gives state workers a $1,000 raise in each of the next two years and provides a one-time cost-of-living adjustment to state retirees' pension checks. The advantage of reconciliation is that votes taken under it only require a simple majority to pass.House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., canceled a March vote after opposition from party conservatives and moderates would have sealed its defeat, and the two wings of the GOP spent weeks blaming each other for the bill's demise. "As our economy rebounds, we must invest in our people to create good new jobs and more opportunities for middle-class families".

The Republican-led Senate voted 14-9 along party lines Wednesday afternoon to accept the plan crafted by its Finance Committee, opening the door to further amendments from the floor. The Senate also seeks much deeper tax cuts than the House wants.

"This House budget and the Senate budget are not the only choices", he said. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated that Trump's proposed budget is "comic-book-villain bad" because "it relies on fantasy to make the numbers work".

Only one Republican, Rep. Jeff Collins of Rocky Mount, voted against the budget.

In a state like NY, residents pay large sums to the government due to federal, state, and local income taxes and capital gains taxes levied on them.

Jackson said raises for teachers could have been larger, given the current budget surplus and cited a lack of money to expand broadband access in rural areas and limited money for school textbooks and to fight the opioid addiction epidemic as shortcomings in the budget. It includes pay raises for teachers and state employees and an uptick in the standard deduction for income tax filers.

Why wouldn't the Congressional Republicans want to pass the Trump-budget and cut taxes? "President Trump can yell "#FakeNews" all he wants but the investigation is getting awfully close to home.

  • Larry Hoffman