Google improves art searches with interactive knowledge panels, hi-res imagery

However, this also means that Google needs to step up their Street View game and update every area of the world as frequently as they do with high-interest ones such as NY or London. Annotations include information about each piece provided by the museum housing it.

According to the announcement, the Google Search team joined up with Google's Arts and Culture team to improve how its systems "understand and recognize" artwork - offering more relevant results.

Google's Arts and Culture and Search teams have teamed to up create something every art lover will be able to appreciate. In fact, the app has become so popular that Google also released it for iOS devices, especially after seeing how poorly their own Apple Maps performed for some years.

In addition, Google has updated Maps' Street View with museum guides on desktop and mobile. Google had also previously unveiled its gigapixel art camera, which captures art close up so web users can view paintings down to the brushstrokes.

Now when you search an artist like Gustav Klimt, you'll see an interactive Knowledge Panel that will highlight ways you can explore on a deeper level, like seeing a collection of the artist's works or even scrolling through the museums where you can view the paintings on the wall. Hovering over it will reveal the name and artist, while tapping will slide out an information panel, as well as an ability to zoom in on the work.

Google says its search engine receives 500 million art-related queries each month, which is why it's making some improvements to the search experience as well.

Machine learning - similar to Google Photo's - is leveraged, with the visual recognition software scanning the walls of participating museums.

Discovering the art world has never been easier on Google, and we hope this inspires you to brush up on your art knowledge.

  • Arturo Norris