France, Germany and Italy: Paris deal 'cannot be renegotiated'

Global leaders including the pope had pressed Trump not to abandon the accord.

The withdrawal was one of his campaign promises, even though the agreement is non-binding and only requires countries to set their own emissions reductions targets. They began investing more in wind power and other renewable energy sources. "We will double our efforts to fight climate change", he said.

American corporate leaders including Apple, Google and Walmart have also appealed to the businessman-turned-president to stay and even fossil fuel companies such as Exxon Mobil, BP and Shell say the United States should abide by the deal.

Canada is ranked ninth of the top-10 emissions producers, but are the top producer per capita, approximately 6 per cent higher than the United States, and a full 19 per cent above the world average.

Brown quickly challenged Trump's claims, stating in a call to reporters that California's economy has grown even as the state has implemented a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases and tougher vehicle emissions standards.

"Thank you, thank you", Trump beamed as the invited Rose Garden gathering applauded in approval.

"I believe that if the administration follows through on this and pulls out of the agreement there will be a huge space open to governors and mayors to step up to the challenge and talk about what's happening in the usa and how the president doesn't represent the will of the people and the plans of their governments", John Coequyt, global policy director for the Sierra Club, said Wednesday. If the administration weakens those regulations, the report says, passenger carsand small pickup truckswill add 22 more million metric tons of Carbon dioxide in 2025 than they would have otherwise-taking away a little over 1 percent of the U.S.'s former strategy for hitting its Paris 2025 goal. Macron told Trump that the Paris accord could not be renegotiated.

That means the USA could stay in the accord and choose not to hit its goals or stay in the pact but adjust its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The White House said it will stick to United Nations rules for withdrawing from the pact. These rules require a nation to wait three years from the date the pact gained legal force, November 4, 2016, before formally seeking to leave. At least one of those CEOs, Elon Musk, said he would quit Trump's advisory council as a result. "[The report presents] one of the more pessimistic views in terms of what could happen", says Noelle Selin, associate director of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Technology and Policy Program.

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt said he was disappointed, adding, "Climate change is real. Industry must now lead and not depend on government". The two companies' 40,000 workers are nearly all based in the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell applauded Trump "for dealing yet another significant blow to the Obama administration's assault on domestic energy production and jobs".

The Trump administration is also reviewing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's regulations for methane emissions from the oil and gas industry.

In Mexico, former President Vicente Fox criticized Trump's move, saying on Twitter: "He's declaring war on the planet itself".

But Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY says the move is "a devastating failure of historic proportions" - and "one of the worst policy moves made in the 21st century".

Some representatives of other countries have suggested that the USA should leave the agreement if the current administration isn't serious about policies that combat climate change. Under the nonbinding agreement, the US had agreed to cut pollution emissions by at least 26 percent of 2005 levels by 2025.

Supporters of the pact said his move means the United States can no longer be trusted to fulfil worldwide commitments.

In today's announcement, Trump did not mention the Chinese hoax and did not deny that climate change is happening.

Because of the agreement's non-binding nature, and because so numerous factors slowing the growth of greenhouse-gas emissions are outside the purview of Trump and Congress, our withdrawal probably will not even have a material effect on emissions or global temperatures.

  • Carolyn Briggs