Eminem Helps Get The Word "Stan" Added To The Oxford Dictionary

Origin: "Early 21st century: probably with allusion to the 2000 song "Stan" by the American rapper Eminem, about an obsessed fan". The word can also be used as a verb, meaning to "be an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity".

Seventeen years after Eminem dropped the seminal hit "Stan", the Oxford English Dictionary has officially recognized the word and added it to its database.

"Stan" quickly entered into hip-hop legend, and its longevity as a masterpiece of the genre has endured far beyond receiving the occasional nostalgic play on Spotify - especially given the rather excellent news that the term "Stan" has now entered the Oxford English Dictionary. The haunting tune features vocals from UK-based singer Dido.

For those that don't remember, "Stan" is written in the form of fan letters to Eminem from his biggest fan. Eventually, he kills his pregnant girlfriend out of frustration with Em not responding to his many letters (Marshall eventually responds, but it's too late).

In pop culture fandom, the term has grown on social media and on the Internet and is used as a phrase for overzelous fans eager to defend their idols.

Though Eminem - who recently raised over $2 million dollars for the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing - didn't submit the word to the dictionary, it wouldn't have happened without his influence. If you missed it, he recently revealed that The Truman Show helped inspire The Eminem Show.

  • Salvatore Jensen