Edit responds to Portland attack

New photos are showing the emotional reunion of two of the survivors of the deadly stabbing attack on a Portland MAX train last week. Wheeler urged organizers to cancel a "Trump Free Speech Rally" in Portland and other similar events next weekend, saying they are inappropriate and could be unsafe. "You got no safe place", Christian said as he was led into his arraignment hearing.

"Get out if you don't like free speech!"

On April 29, Christian participated in a right-wing "March for Free Speech" on 82nd Avenue in Montavilla, Portland, carrying a baseball bat in an attempt to assault left-wing protesters.

Suspect Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, was due to appear in court to face two counts of felony aggravated murder and other charges. Authorities say Jeremy Joseph Christian started verbally abusing two young women, including one wearing a hijab. Before leaving the train, Christian stabbed Namkai-Meche and Best again. After stumbling and telling Fletcher to hit him again, court documents say Christian stabbed Fletcher in the neck.

During his appearance at the court, Christian also yelled "death to the enemies of America" and "death to Antifa".

"We turned around while they were fighting and he just started stabbing people", Magum said.

Fletcher had an emotional reunion with Destinee Magnum on Wednesday night.

The deceased have been identified by police as 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche and 53-year-old Ricky John Best. He did not enter a plea, and the judge moved on to hear other cases. Court documents say Christian shoved Fletcher in the chest and appeared to pull a folding knife from his pocket and hide it in his hand.

Some residents said President Donald Trump has caused those racist demons to stir again with his administration's travel ban, his promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico and his crackdown on illegal immigration.

Fletcher, whose "wound was within millimeters of being fatal", according to TIME, says he is grateful for the outpouring of support and the money that's been donated to aid in his recovery and go to Best and Namkai-Meche's families.

He also was charged with misdemeanors: two counts of second-degree intimidation and a count of being a felon in possession of a restricted weapon, police said. "I call it patriotism". "It's not surprising that he would stand up to hate in such a way". "I got stabbed in the neck on my way to work, randomly, by a stranger I don't know, for trying to just be a nice person", he told USA Today.

On Tuesday, Mayor Ted Wheeler reiterated his call to organizers of a June 4 protest to cancel, saying he fears they could further enflame tensions.

"If we want to be that city, we need to understand that we must make sure everybody knows this is their town", he said.

  • Leroy Wright