Donaldson looks forward to being in NDP minority government

All eyes are on Premier Christy Clark after Monday's announcement that British Columbia's New Democrats have reached an agreement with the Green party to form a minority government, experts say.

Both Macnair and Yvonne Prest, the Kootenay East Green Party candidate, noted electoral reform such as proportional representation will likely be a hot-button topic for both parties.

"Regular Albertans, for once, have a government that's in their corner, working to make life better".

"Should the government fail the test of confidence in the house, as seems likely, I would be given the job of leader of the Opposition". "The message is much more collaboration; a style of work I'm very comfortable with".

But he said the Liberals, who fell one seat short of a majority, learned a valuable lesson from this past election-that they need to rebuild trust in some parts of the province.

The agreement is for confidence measures only, and is not a coalition, Weaver said. But. if there is going to be a transfer of power in this province, and certainly it seems like there will be, it shouldn't be done behind closed doors. She said the vote could come as soon as June.

"My job according to constitutional convention is go to the Lieutenant-Governor and test the confidence of the house", she said at a news conference in Vancouver.

The NDP caucus met earlier and the party is expected to ratify the agreement with the Greens before it is released later today.

Prof. Hamish Telford, who teaches political science at the University of the Fraser Valley, explained that the NDP-Green collaboration was far from a done deal.

The two parties also agreed to introduce legislation to ban corporate and union donations to political parties, as well as contributions from non-residents of B.C. after fundraising became a major issue in this month's provincial election campaign.

"This room's getting a little small", he quipped.

The deal gives the NDP, which won 41 seats in the May 9 election, the support of all three Green Party MLAs, securing the two parties the support of 44 MLAs in the in the 87-seat legislature required to form a government.

Clark's insistence on introducing a confidence vote in the B.C. Legislature that she knows she will lose is considered to be a waste of time by many.

"Look what is happening to jurisdictions around the world that don't diversify, and for Ms. Notley to tell British Columbia that somehow chasing the 20th century is the way for our future is not a good sign for her and her economy in Alberta", he said.

Horgan says after 16 years in Opposition, the NDP is excited about the prospect of forming the next government.

Full details of the agreement will be made public after 2 p.m.

But Letnick said it appears clear what he called a "coalition" between the NDP and the B.C. Greens will defeat the Liberal minority government at the first opportunity.

"I think we've got some soul-searching to do as well", Shypitka said, "and I think British Columbians have to see what the conditions and the details of the arrangement between the BC Greens and the NDP".

Horgan welcomed 15 new people to his caucus as well as veterans such as Carole James, Mike Farnworth and Leonard Krog.

Weaver said comments in support of the pipeline are misguided, likening them to Clark's promises in the 2013 election campaign to the potential prosperity of a liquefied natural gas industry.

  • Zachary Reyes