Donald Trump to announce he's pulling out of the Paris climate deal

The White House has told allies the 2015 deal was signed by President Barack Obama out of "desperation".

Or he doesn't care, which is more likely the case.

Washington, Jun 1 President Donald Trump today withdrew the USA from the landmark Paris climate accord which he said was not tough on India and China, and alleged that the deal was negotiated "poorly" by the Obama administration and signed out of "desperation". He cited economic and employment concerns, claiming that the agreement hurt the USA in order to benefit others.

Within days of taking office on January 20, Trump kept his promise to withdraw the USA from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation agreement finalized during the Obama administration that would have reduced prices and boosted sales overseas for automakers, farmers and tech companies. "We are on a path to reduce emissions below 2005 levels by about 15 to 17 percent in 2020", says Kate Larsen of the Rhodium Group. The U.S. only sources about 13 percent of its electricity from renewables. And he's a former CEO of Exxon, a company that knew what its products were doing to the atmosphere for decades and did nothing about it.

His decision could seriously hamper efforts to cut emissions and limit global temperature increases. That commitment has much of the world now looking to Beijing, which wants to assert itself on the global stage.

CNBC fact-checked some of the reasons the president presented for why the United States should abandon the worldwide accord, which aims to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The oil companies and some coal firms also say remaining part of the accord helps maintain USA influence over future talks.

The move did not necessarily come as a surprise- reports on Wednesday indicated Trump meant to leave the agreement. James Inhofe, who has denied climate change is real, told WBUR's Here & Now.

Bainimarama's Pacific island nation has already felt the impact of climate change through wild storms such as last year's Cyclone Winston, which killed 44 people and wiped out a third of the economy. "So we are literally surrounded by water".

How someone who spends so much time on Florida's coastline could pretend nothing is happening is freaky, he said.

"I think it would be terrible to pull out. To unapologetically stand and declare "I was elected as President of Pittsburgh NOT PARIS"!"

Since taking office, he has come under pressure from some advisers, close USA allies, corporate CEOs, Democrats and some fellow Republicans to keep the United States in the accord.

Across the bay, U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor pointed out what is perhaps the most ironic thing about Trump's rationale for backing out of the plan (jobs, ostensibly): that the economy, in Florida, is better off if we don't let carbon emissions go unchecked.

Labour spokesperson on Climate Change, Sean Sherlock TD, said he is "dismayed" by Trump's decision to withdraw.

ITV News Washington Correspondent Robert Moore said the withdrawal was the "most controversial decision for decades" by a USA president.

Now the issue is on the rise again, reaching a record high of 45% in March, up 8 points from the same time a year ago. "Floridians in particular face higher costs tied to rising AC bills, property insurance, flood insurance, local taxes for infrastructure fixes, extreme weather events, beach renourishment and more". Climate change is a threat to our way of life.

Democratic lawmakers have said this is retreat of American leadership and gives opportunities to countries like India, China and Germany.

But Democrats and environmental groups said Trump was risking the Earth's future. "If both our national and state leadership choose to ignore that reality, then mayors must step in to fill the leadership void to show the world that Americans will do our part to address the climate crisis".

St. Petersburg is now home to a contentious five-way mayor's race.

Trump raised alarm bells when he refused to sign up to a pledge on the deal at last week's G7 meeting in Italy.

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn issued a statement Thursday afternoon condemning the withdrawal of the US from the accord.

Cheadle isn't the only celeb speaking out against Trump's position on the Paris Climate Agreement, and he's in good company.

The announcement fulfils one of Trump's top campaign pledges, but also undermines world efforts to combat global warming.

  • Salvatore Jensen