Clippers' Austin Rivers Blasts Glen Davis For Taking Shots At Doc Rivers

Glen "Big Baby" Davis wanted the brakes on Doc Rivers' praise to be pumped in February. That, not his relationship with Doc Rivers, much better explains Austin's salary. Rivers said when asked about Davis and his prior critiques of Austin Rivers not earning his way in the National Basketball Association. But it makes no sense to what he's doing, and whatever he has between him and his pops-my pops said the jokes about his weight and stuff. "I'm in Hawaii minding my own business, and I look on "Undisputed" and I see ol' punk a- Austin Rivers talking s-", Davis said to his smart phone's camera, kicking off some very off-color comments. I enjoy discussions of how the team is playing, hypothetical off-season scenarios, and trade rumors. Come on bruh, you lying now.

Austin Rivers said on "Undisputed". Now you're f*****g lying. I've heard Baby say to me multiple times, "You know why Doc is so good, Doc is so great" - and then now he's saying bad things about him.

"Let me ask you something", Rivers began. "Your father gave you your money, you didn't work for it, m*****f****r". I seen you at practice. The duo reunited when Davis joined the Clippers in 2013.

"Your father gave you all that money, so you can go wear those tight ass trousers". I don't know where that even goes with the team.

Rivers added of Davis, "That's just him talking out the side of his neck". C'mon now, man. Now, that's a f-ing lie. Shut up, man. You're a (expletive) bum who's been given the world. He finished his rant by telling Rivers to "shut up and stay under your father".

  • Julie Sanders