Cleveland officer who killed black preteen fired

Timothy Loehmann, the Cleveland cop who killed the 12-year-old boy at a park, was sacked on Tuesday, Police Chief Calvin Williams announced.

Tamir, who was black, was shot outside a recreation center in November 2014 as he held a pellet gun that the white officers mistook for a real firearm.

Officer Frank Garmback, who drove the patrol auto to the park, "would be suspended for 10 days beginning Wednesday", The New York Times reports.

Samaria Rice was talking about Loehmann, who was sacked for lying about his work history, not for shooting and killing the 12-year-old as Tamir held an airsoft pistol.

The officer, William Cunningham, had been working at the rec center on Saturdays for years and assisted Garmback in wrestling Rice's sister to the ground at the scene.

"They did not do anything outside of our policy, outside of our training, and this is a politically motivated witch hunt".

In 2016, the city of Cleveland paid the Rice family $6 million to settle a wrongful death suit. The auto moves close to Rice, and less than two seconds after the vehicle arrives, Loehmann shoots the boy. That turned up information on his departure from the Independence Police Department that showed he was forced to resign after a series of incidents that led his supervisors to believe he was unfit to be a police officer.

In 2015, a little more than a year after the shooting, a grand jury also declined to bring criminal charges against the two officers.

At the time of the shooting, Loehmann had been with the Cleveland police for less than eight months.

Loehmann, however, was not fired for the shooting.

Loehmann shot the boy, who was holding a toy gun outside a recreational centre.

The officers' union said it was challenging the discipline, while Tamir's mother said both officers should have been fired.

Officer Frank Garmback will have to go through additional training once his suspension ends, Cleveland Publis Safety Director Michael McGrath said at a news conference, Fox 8 reported.

"This has been a long journey that was very unnecessary", Rice said in response to Loehmann's termination.

The final decision to fire Loehmann was made after what Cleveland's Mayor Frank Jackson deemed an "exhaustive process" of investigation.

  • Larry Hoffman