BC NDP and Green Party intend to form minority government

The political agreement reached between the Greens and New Democrats still needs to be voted on by the NDP caucus on Tuesday. But both parties say if they form government, the NDP budget will kill the tolls.

Tarik Sayeed, the Penticton NDP candidate for the May 9 election, noted the Liberals did not win the popular vote.

According to the accord, "a referendum on proportional representation will take place in the fall of 2018, concurrent with the next municipal election".

Constitutional Expert Ron Cheffins says it represents a dramatic change for British Columbia. The combined seats of the NDP and Greens make 44, the very minimum for a majority. The resolution of that disagreement remains to be seen.

Add in Trudeau, who wants all the same projects dead too (he wants an economy built on feminism or something) and Alberta's premier whose carbon tax was all about taking Alberta down a peg, and this spells trouble.

That test will come as early as next month, she said.

The contract provides the terms for which the Green Party will support a B.C. NDP minority government.

Regarding public transportation in Metro Vancouver, where the B.C. NDP won heavily, they will move "immediately to improve transit and transportation infrastructure in cooperation with the Mayors' Council".

"I'm very excited", Giesbrecht said. "It is not intended the lay out the full program of a New Democrat government, nor is it meant to presume B.C. Green support for initiatives not found within this agreement".

Weaver has been a vocal opponent of the megaproject, but said the review proposed by Horgan is a good first step.

He said a great deal of the work he, Thomson and Clark started is now underway, including the six-laning of Highway 97 between Highway 33 and Sexsmith Road, work on John Hindle Drive, various intersection improvements and improving access to primary health care.

"There are a disparity of issues but there are a lot of common causes that they can support each other on", he said.

"We just keep going on".

"And it's not just with Green MLAs, but with Liberal MLAs as well", Horgan said.

"We want to hear from BC Hydro what it signed, how binding are these agreement and what are the consequences of proceeding", said Horgan.

An agreement to work toward more affordable child care, improve quality and spaces, but no specific mention of $10 a day child care as the NDP had promised, or free child care as the Greens had promised. And it's probably going to cost B.C. taxpayers a fortune.

A speaker of the legislature must be chosen and if that person comes from the ranks of the NDP or Greens, the government and opposition would be tied with 43 seats each.

The agreement also includes a commitment to try out a potential basic income pilot project.

"I can tell you, I will work as hard as I have, and harder, for the best interests of the people of my riding and of rural British Columbia".

Liberal leader Christy Clark announced Tuesday she will not resign as premier and will call the Legislature back in June and present a throne speech.

  • Zachary Reyes