Amid US doubt, United Nations chief says climate deal essential, 'get on board'

The United States is among the 147 countries and parties that have ratified the agreement, but President Donald Trump has voiced concerns the deal signed by the previous U.S. administration could harm the USA economy.

But Trump's chief White House economic adviser, Gary Cohn, told reporters during the trip overseas that Trump's views on climate change were "evolving" following the president's discussions with European leaders. He has apparently been pondering what to do about that promise since the November election. A White House official says President Donald Trump is expected to withdraw the United States from the.

At the G7 summit in Sicily, Italy, other world leaders tried unsuccessfully to persuade Trump to announce he is committed to the climate agreement.

Global policy experts say that the decision will also affect US standing overseas.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental group, estimates that unchecked climate change could cost the US economy nearly $2 trillion per year in current dollars by 2100. It was unclear whether those meetings would still take place.

Trump's chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, has discussed the possibility of changing the US carbon reduction targets instead of pulling out of the deal completely.

Big emitters led by China, the European Union and India have reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris deal, which seeks to phase out greenhouse gas emissions this century by shifting to clean energies.

Canada's emissions amount to about 1.6 per cent of global greenhouse gases.

Unfortunately, after having spent a week in close quarters with both individuals on his first global trip, their pro-Paris agreement stances appear to have had no effect.

Other European leaders were more explicit in expressing their fears that the USA government may abandon global measures against climate change. The agreement came into effect in November 2016.

Trump has proposed to amend the agreement, with his administration officials reportedly telling lobbyists and European diplomats that the United States will withdraw from the climate pact unless it secures concessions for the fossil fuel industry.

McKenna told the Canadian Press the rest of the world doesn't intend to sit and wait for Trump.

Trump is expected to announce later this week that he intends to pull out of the landmark Paris agreement.

"Our climate action strategy represents an opportunity to attract investment, innovation and develop new green technologies", he said.

Still, Cohn said that the carbon levels agreed to by the prior administration "would be highly crippling to the USA economic growth", and if the president had to choose between limiting carbon and economic growth, "growing our economy is going to win".

Participants are seen in silhouette as they look at a screen showing a world map with climate anomalies during the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) at Le Bourget, near Paris, France, on December 8, 2015. "But they sure don't want the Dutch mandating how we get there", said GOP consultant Brad Todd, who has worked campaigns in Florida, where elections are driven by suburban voters and the environment is a key issue.

"Our withdrawal would send the wrong message to the world", Buchanan says. "You saw that at the G7".

  • Zachary Reyes