Amazon beats Google to the punch, enables reminders for Alexa devices

The Amazon Echo has been the online retailer's main way to popularize its Alexa home assistant, and it'll soon be getting a handful of small but useful updates.

The voice-enabled reminders are simple to set up. Setting timers on the fly, without using your hands, is incredibly useful, but I've always wished Amazon would let you name the timers since it's so easy to have many running at once - and when one goes off, it's unclear which timer it was. To see all reminders/named timers, users can simply open the Alexa application on their Android or iOS device and navigate to the "Alerts and Alarms" section of the app. That means Amazon Echo owners can now depend on Alexa to keep them from forgetting about their daily errands - which, if we're going to be honest, should probably have been a major feature from Day One.

The update also comes with Named Timers, which allows users to distinguish between multiple timers they set.

According to Amazon, the feature is live in the U.S., U.K., and Germany, with more territories to follow. Have you been waiting on this feature?

With Reminders, you can now ask Alexa to alert you to anything of your choosing - even if it's at a later date. Amazon announced Thursday Apple users will be able to sync their iCloud calendars with Alexa.

iCloud Calendar support has been a top requested feature from Alexa customers, and we're thrilled to bring this to Alexa devices in US, UK and Germany today. (Alexa already supports calendars from Google and Microsoft).

  • Arturo Norris