Actress Gal Gadot discovers Wonder Woman's power in costume

After you learn a few facts about the actress, you'll realize that not only is Gal Gadot awesome, but she's the flawless Wonder Woman!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, that one project she has been developing for a while she still hopes to make and wants Ryan Gosling to star in it.

Even before Warner Bros. embarked on its cinematic universe, DC films rarely featured any kind of a tag after the credits.

The story focuses on a fighting pitbull which finds itself on a odd and unexpected journey that will ultimately decide its fate. A WW1 plane crashes through the mist that hides the island where the Amazons live and she follows him into the real world to play her part in the war. You're dead inside if those goosebumps don't emerge when Diana or any of her Amazonian islanders leap and bound in combat.

"Wonder Woman" arrives in theaters under an intense amount of scrutiny. Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, a United States spy trying to stop the Germans from developing deadly strains of gas. Packing her bulletproof bracelets, her golden "Lasso of Truth" and a "God-Killer" sword with which to slay Ares, Diana ships off to London with Steve, joining his covert mission to dismantle a weapons program headed by a power-mad general (Danny Huston) and a chemist named Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya). Gadot's physical presence as Wonder Woman was well established in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but she handles the Diana Prince side with equal dexterity, whether puzzling over the excessive formalities of early 20th century womanhood or trading banter with Steve and his abashed comrades. There are also plenty of great jokes that never throw off the dark tone of the film because they are firmly based in character, and Diana's naive worldview. "That's Wonder Woman to me". The score by Rupert Gregson-Williams (a veteran composer of Adam Sandler movies, surprisingly) complements the drama and sends chills down the back of your neck when it switches to the legendary theme by Junkie XL.

"I think there's a lot of directors I'm really excited about who are doing cool things", she said.

With DC's history of rampant sexism in their films it's a miracle Wonder Woman is respectful towards its main character.

Finding herself in 1920s-era Germany, the resulting adventure not only forces Diana to discover her identity as Wonder Woman - and its accompanying powers - but it unleashes some secrets about her past that put her in peril, facing dangers that only she can solve.

  • Salvatore Jensen