3 new National Football League rules that Broncos fans should know

The NFL owners met Tuesday to discuss several different rules changes which could be made for the upcoming 2017 season.

The change, which was originally proposed by the NFL Competition Committee at the NFL Owners Meetings in March, was done because of player safety.

Of those 83 overtime games, 16 of them were still tied after 10 minutes of overtime action (according to this article). Instead, teams will have just one cutdown day, going from 90 to their 53-man regular season roster in the days leading up to Week 1. The NFL previously only allowed one player to return from injured reserve during the season.

The move gives fringe and bubble players more time to catch coaches' attention and put a fourth preseason game on film.

As we posted earlier on Giants.com, the league is relaxing the rules on celebrations "to allow players more room to have fun after they make big plays".

Goodell's letter highlighted some of the celebrations that will be allowed under the new rules, including group demonstrations, snow angels and those that use the football as a prop, all of which would have drawn a flag a year ago.

In terms of roster moves, the National Football League chose to eliminate the reduction from 90 players to 75 players that occurs in between Week 3 and Week 4 of the preseason. Teams also don't have to designate the player they will bring back ahead of time. Increasing the roster size would help lower injury risks but owners may not be ready to guarantee salaries to more players just yet.

As for celebration penalties, which had earned the NFL the nickname "No Fun League", players will now be allowed to celebrate scouting plays with teammates, go to the ground during the celebration, and even use the ball as a prop.

The NFL had six games that went past the 10-minute overtime mark last season and 16 in the past five seasons.

Those approved types of celebrations, allowed after scores, are illustrated in the letter in GIF form.

Fans have long wanted the National Football League to lighten up. This will only increase the likelihood of games resulting in ties.

  • Julie Sanders