Xbox Game Pass now available for all Xbox One users

Xbox Game Pass, the all-you-can game monthly subscription service for Xbox One, is now available to anyone who owns the console. Meanwhile for Xbox 360 (with Backward Compability on Xbox One), members can get Assassin's Creed III through June 15th and Dragon Age: Origins from June 16th though June 30th.

Now offering 112 titles, you'll still need to download games from the Xbox Store, rather than streaming them. It's called Xbox Game Pass and the company previously launched it for Xbox Live Gold subscribers only. The console automatically detects the drive and walks a user through a setup process that takes a few minutes.

There will be no need to stream these Xbox Game Pass titles, and you will be able to you discover and download the full titles directly on your Xbox One, without any lag while playing.

Seagate has been partnering with Microsoft to supply official accessories for the Xbox console for a couple of generations now, and we took a look at one back in 2015 with the original Game Drive for Xbox.

The Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Game Pass Special Edition joins Seagate's popular line of storage for gamers. The 2TB version has an MSRP of $89.99 and includes a one-month Xbox Game Pass membership. Game selection varies over time. Just plug it into any Xbox, log in with your Xbox Live account and all of your games are ready.

  • Arturo Norris