What time, channel is Cavaliers vs. Warriors Game 1? NBA Playoffs

The 2017 NBA Finals begin tomorrow on ABC.

Warriors lead assistant coach Mike Brown has successfully taken his place over the last 10 games.

- This is the fourth time the Cleveland Cavaliers have reached the NBA Finals, all of those appearances coming in the past decade. The Cavaliers face the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday in Oakland.

Durant left money on the table when he left Oklahoma City for Golden State, albeit an average of $4 million per year, tip money to a player who already has made more than $130 million 10 National Basketball Association seasons.

- Cleveland and Golden State have met 19 times since the start of the 2014-15 regular season, including their two NBA Finals matchups.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are outstanding players for the Cavaliers. With a steady diet of Iguodala, Green and Durant sharing time on him the Warriors will do their best to limit his control of the game. But a seven-game Finals could change a whole lot of opinions. A video game simulation has them going the distance.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson did not mince words when it came to reasons as to why the Golden State Warriors were not able to close them out in the NBA Finals last season. James won his first National Basketball Association title five years ago at Durant's expense, and now Durant tries to get his first playing against James. "I think [the Cavs] are a more likable team. After we were able to accomplish that a year ago and we celebrated for a few days, I got right back to work". Cleveland has Kyrie Irving, who scored 26 points in last year's final game.

The Warriors have been installed as heavy favorites, largely because of Durant.

"It's a team game". There are no injuries of note and each team has been off for a week to rest and prepare for what is expected to be one of the best series of the era. Maybe you're not a huge Warriors (or Cavaliers) fan.

"When I hear people say that these are now the two teams that are dynasties".

"On the eve of one of the greatest events we have in sports, race and what's going on comes again", James said. "That gives us a chance in any game". Cleveland's offense is much improved compared to last year's edition. I'm a huge fan of the boys of summer, but there's no mistake that this time of year is all about the finals, in both the National Hockey League and NBA.

James is looking to add to his already-impressive legacy that when all is said and done, will stack him up favorably with the all-time greats to have played in the National Basketball Association.

The front gate of a home belonging to Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James is freshly repainted Wednesday, May 31, 201, in Los Angeles.

"I can't go out there and do everything on my own or I can't go out there and just let my teammates do all the work for me", Durant said Wednesday, a day before the series opener.

He took two fewer shots per game, his scoring average dropped from a league-leading 30.1 to 25.3 and his 46.8 percent shooting was his worst since 2012-13.

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