Warriors come out to play against Cavaliers on ESPN, DirecTV in LATAM

Many people consider Green's suspension in Game 5 previous year to be the turning point of the series, but South Point sports book director Chris Andrews said the Warriors losing injured center Andrew Bogut for the final three games might have made more of an impact.

90M - LeBron James is the most-followed National Basketball Association player on social media with 90 million followers combined across Facebook (23.1 million), Twitter (36.4 million) and Instagram (30.5 million). Green, not much of a one-on-one scorer, couldn't take advantage of his matchup. When James is quiet, the rest of the Cavs tend to struggle. This year, that bully hit the gym and gained 240 pounds of muscle in the form of Kevin Durant and he is mad. James has the height and speed to hang with Durant on drives, and the strength to prevent Durant from posting up.

But if James were on Durant, it would also take him out of plays when his teammates need help. The Warriors' best lineup against the Cavaliers probably has both players on the floor at the same time, with Iguodala on James and Thompson defending Irving, so Thompson said he doesn't get caught up in whether his shot is falling. In addition, every other player on the bench needs to be ready if and when their name is called. Is it the Warriors or Cavs offense that is the overwhelming force that can carry their team to a title?

"We'll use it as fuel, use it as motivation", Love said.

"It's pretty intense", Warriors center Zaza Pachulia said.

Maybe Curry isn't the lovable mad bomber he once seemed to be and Durant left more broken hearts in Oklahoma than Garth Brooks, but only one player has ever self-nicknamed himself King James.

"When you put starters to starters, my guess is Tristan Thompson will guard Draymond Green, Kevin Love will guard Pachulia. and it's just process of elimination". There is no sitting around anymore for LeBron on defense. "We match up well with them, and I think they'd say the same about us". "And can you hang in that alignment?"

The Golden State Warriors will win the NBA Finals in 5 games. Barnes faulted down the stretch, shooting just 35% from the field and 31% from three. I would rather have him like this than like he was going into the last Final.

While the National Basketball Association is hoping the Finals make up for the lackluster postseason preceding it, they shouldn't hold their breath.

But the lessons learned from his NBA Finals suspension past year always will be with him. At the end of the day, I know the way I'm built.

Even wandering away from Green could be risky in the Finals. But Thompson is not anxious about his shooting woes, at least not until the Warriors start losing games. The Spurs won and covered in that game and swept the Cavs in the Finals. There simply is too much firepower. With the Cavs down 3-1 and on the verge of elimination, LeBron James, 32, and Kyrie Irving, 25, teamed up to rack up 41 points each, according to USA Today.

For the first time in National Basketball Association history, the same two teams will face each other in The Finals for the third consecutive year. He carried the lifeless Warriors and they were so close to winning.

The best defensive weapon against the Warriors has always been to pick your poison and hope for the best. But just like there hasn't been time to watch and celebrate past success, Thompson isn't about to get caught up in the hoopla of the threequel either.

  • Julie Sanders