UK Labour's Corbyn to join TV debate as gap with Conservatives narrows

"She won't turn up to these debates, because her campaign of soundbites is falling apart", she said.

"Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party want uncontrolled migration".

Home Secretary Amber Rudd will be representing the Tories instead.

One source said: "This election isn't about who can squabble with six other politicians - it's about who can negotiate against 27 other nations".

UPDATE: the BBC are now reporting that Jeremy Corbyn will be taking part in the televised debate.

Mr Corbyn sought to capitalise on the change as he threw the gauntlet down to his opposite number.

Responding to a Telegraph front page story that Labour secretly plans to let unskilled EU workers come to the United Kingdom after Brexit, she said: "What we need to do is have proper control of our immigration and, of course, we are going to be able to put in rules for people coming from the EU to the United Kingdom once we leave the European Union".

Prime Minister Theresa May will tomorrow issue a rallying calling for unity, telling voters to pursue the "enormous" opportunities of Brexit with just seven days to go before polls open in the General Election.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said public services have been "anything but strong and stable" as they are underfunded due to Tory tax cuts.

According to some expert estimates, the Conservatives could take as much as 56 seats from the official opposition party, which should give them a 200-seat lead, owing to Ukip's collapse in popular support in the previous weeks.

It was the clashes between Mr Corbyn - who only announced hours before the debate that he would take part - and Ms Rudd that were the most heated during the debate, with angry disagreements on the economy, Brexit, immigration and terrorism.

But a poll by Kantar put the Conservative party on 43% (+1) ahead of Labour on 33% (-1), the Lib Dems on 11% (+2) and Ukip unchanged on 4%.

A campaign source said momentum behind Corbyn had been building ever since election broadcasting regulations, which ensure party leaders get airtime, came into force a month ago.

The debate will be followed on Friday with a Question Time special. She will try to refocus her campaign on Brexit, describing her "great national mission" to make the United Kingdom more prosperous. "She might be out there sizing up your house to pay for your social care". "I really think he must be held accountable for that because I find it chilling".

"That's what I'm doing to make sure we get the best possible deal for Britain".

The analysis is based on a complex model drawing on 50,000 surveys and suggests Mrs May's gamble of calling a snap election in the hope of a landslide win could backfire spectacularly.

May said she was not attending because she would be "thinking about Brexit negotiations".

"Indeed, tonight Amber Rudd must explain why she believes that the people of Scotland should entrust their future to people like Boris Johnson, when she herself said during last year's referendum campaign that he was "misleading the public" on the European Union".

  • Zachary Reyes