Trump's communications director set to leave White House: Trump adviser

If an overhaul is in the works, White House officials aren't letting on.

In fact, Clinton's staff shake-up was much more extensive than what Trump has done so far, going all the way to the top of his administration, according to Patrick Maney, a Professor of History at Boston College and author of Bill Clinton: New Gilded Age President. Just 33% say he does more to help his administration when he speaks publicly.

A senior aide to President Donald Trump is leaving the job, the White House said on Tuesday, as the president considers wider staff changes amid growing political fallout over probes into Russian Federation and his presidential campaign.

That's why Dubke's departure matters. Sean Spicer, a guy who couldn't directly answer questions about what constitutes as fake news in Donald Trump's mind.

However, Mr Kushner is now reportedly under scrutiny as part of the FBI's investigation into alleged Moscow influence that is engulfing Mr Trump's fledgling presidency.

Rumors that big changes could be coming for Trump's team have circulated for weeks. Mr Dubke "offered to remain onboard until a transition is concluded", Mr Priebus said.

Two names have emerged as possible replacements for the chief of staff.

Outside advisers to Trump say Priebus bears responsibility for not bringing in a deeper talent pool to the White House, something they said he should have been able to do given his experience as RNC chairman.

"I do think that Trump's performance as president has been quite poor", said Morell. "There are plenty of people who would give both arms to have one of these jobs". "We truth squad all of them as soon as they come up".

The White House spokesperson then abruptly ended the briefing, which lasted for about 30 minutes. There are questions about whether Trump would want him.

Lewandowski tells "Fox & Friends" that he wants to help promote Trump's agenda whether he's inside the White House or not. As those people get upset about what the administration is doing, or not doing, they talk. "I mean, it's true, you did it", Spicer told him. President-elect Trump continues to hold meetings Trump Tower. The position had gone unfilled after campaign aide Jason Miller - Trump's original choice for communications director - backed out of the job in December before the president's inauguration.

"It seems hard for outsiders to come in and gel with the existing structure that has been put into place", Williams said.

"As word of Dubke's hiring trickled out, however, some Trump loyalists chafed at the idea of recruiting an establishment Republican operative with ties to strategist Karl Rove and other forces they see as having been hostile to Trump's candidacy".

Political analyst David Birsdell of Baruch College said Trump's frustration with his team's communication strategy is an indication of changes to come and that Trump may shift or trade out his communications department. Even press secretary Sean Spicer conceded at multiple points Tuesday that he and his fellow press staffers could never fully explain Trump's intentions. Just back from his nine-day trip to the Middle East and Europe, Trump dismissed recent reports as "fake news".

"I think he's very pleased with the work of his staff", Spicer said.

"Ultimately the best messenger is the President himself", Mr Spicer said.

  • Leroy Wright