Trump urges other leaders to reach him via cellphone

President Donald Trump's mysterious post to Twitter in the wee hours of Wednesday morning about "constant negative press covfefe" may have sparked hours of jokes and overnight confusion, but to hear White House press secretary Sean Spicer tell it, the president's tweet was no typo. His last day has not yet been determined.

President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of communications director Mike Dubke, according to a White House official.

Communications directors quit frequently, Hagle said.

Despite the allegations, CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta recently said Kushner and Ivanka's departure is not on the table.

Lewandowski did not say if he has been contacted by Trump or anyone on his staff about returning.

Asked for examples, Spicer only noted one - a tweet from a BBC reporter that mischaracterized Trump's interaction with the Italian prime minister at the G-7 meeting that was retweeted by a reporter from The New York Times but never published. In this photo taken March 29, 2017, the main residence of the White House in Washington and the West Wing, right, as seen, Wednesday from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on the White House complex in.

Despite the president's lighthearted response to what almost everyone assumed was a typo, Spicer said that there was much more to "covfefe" than meets the eye.

"Because he is the greatest communicator, as a president, we've ever had", he added. Mr. Bossie, a former deputy campaign manager, signaled that he does not plan to join the staff.

"I'm going to read you a list of White House officials who sometime speak for the Trump administration", the poll question asked.

"Well, I haven't talked to him since all of this came out", Haley said.

The word called by many as simply "nonsense" probably was the President's bid to write "coverage" as he lashed out at the media. "No one is giving him the landscape-this is how it works, this is what you should do or not do", a friend told Borger.

And as the president receives conflicting advice from aides and officials, there's concern over whether the president will even listen to the information.

This was actually kind of the expected response, which made it all the more hilarious and terrifying.

It isn't always necessary for a president to have a strong command on the finer details of policies; they can set the overarching goal and others can deal with the specifics.

  • Leroy Wright