Trump says Berlin must do more for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

At a series of diplomatic meetings last week, President Donald Trump disappointed European allies on issues related to defense, Russian Federation and climate change.

President Donald Trump took to social media to blast Germany, a key US ally that he asserted was unfairly benefiting from trade and the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance (NATO).

There are several problems with Trump's focus on the trade deficit with Germany.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that failing to act on climate change would be "morally criminal" and voiced strong support for the "vision" of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the matter.

He also disputed the assumption that Merkel was moving away from Trump, after the president declined last week to join six other nations at the G-7 summit in Brussels in reaffirming their commitment to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, which attempts to reduce greenhouse gases linked to climate change.

Merkel on Monday repeated nearly word for word her message from Sunday, when she told her Bavarian conservative allies in a packed Munich beer tent that "we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands". Merkel told an audience on Sunday, "The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days".

Although Merkel did not further elaborate the reasons for her unexpected remarks, many German media speculated that Merkel was referring to her frustrating experience at the G7 meeting earlier this week in Italy's Sicily.

"That's of huge importance and in no way directed against any other relationships and certainly not against the trans-Atlantic ties, which have historically been very important for us and will remain so in future", she said. The Trump administration has become fixated with eliminating trade deficits, with top White House officials saying they will act to tilt the balance of trade back towards the US.

It continues a long-running concern by the president about whether foreign countries are exploiting US economic strength through unfair trade relationships.

German politicians reacted with outrage to Trump's latest intervention. Currently, only five of NATO's 28 members pay the agreed-upon amount for defense.

Mr.Modi said that, the GST is the biggest economic reforms that India has ever had. Rather, Germany is a high-wage western democracy that makes status vehicles some Americans clearly want to drive. Mr. Trump also indicated that the U.S under him may withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

U.S. -German relations "are a strong pillar of our foreign and security policy, and Germany will continue working to strengthen these relations", Seibert said.

Spicer read Merkel's comment Sunday in which she suggested the European Union go forward amid "friendships" with the USA and other nations. Mr. Trump's tweet came soon after the Modi-Merkel press conference.

The two sides also issued a joint statement after Modi and Merkel held the fourth India-Germany Intergovernmental Consultations (IGC).

  • Leroy Wright