Trump returns home after overseas trip

President Trump traveled to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican for his first leg of the trip.

And in Brussels, NATO leaders chafed at Trump's lecture, which did not acknowledge member states' recent increases in military spending nor did it include a reaffirmed U.S. commitment to the alliance's mutual defense pledge, in light of Trump's disparaging comments about the alliance during his campaign.

President Donald Trump just returned from a foreign trip that was the single most successful eight-day stretch of his presidency.

On matters such as anti-terrorism, as the world saw so horrifically laid bare at Manchester last week, President Trump has pushed vigorously for revisions in immigration policy.

"The president's failure to endorse Article 5 in a speech at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters, his continued lambasting of Germany and other allies on trade, his apparent decision to walk away from the Paris climate agreement - all suggest that the United States is less interested in leading globally than has been the case for the lat 70 years", he continued. Instead, the White House hoped to let the images of Trump in statesman-like settings tell the story of his first trip overseas, and perhaps ease questions about his preparedness for the delicate world of worldwide diplomacy. He said only five of the 28 members meet the obligation and "it's unfair to USA taxpayers". I'm skeptical of the defense, but either way, when a president's allies are reduced to arguing, "Don't worry, he's just lying", there's obviously a problem.

Trump's trip was another warning that no matter how much California tries to have its say in the world, it can't conduct its own foreign policy. "The mood he conveyed is you guys are a bunch of freeloaders".

"Leaders of the G7 group of nations, which includes the Unted States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy, as well as the European Union, [met] at Taormina from May 26-27".

While Trump emerged from the summit without a final decision on the Paris pact, he declared in a tweet Saturday that he will make a final decision next week.

Unfortunately for us, the same Donald Trump is back in the White House. Go on a tour to highlight the achievements of your foreign trip. The U.S. inked a $110 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia and unveiled numerous business commitments in the region, though the White House never provided specific details about the scope of the agreements.

From the start, he set a new direction. Like Trump, these countries believe their relationship with the USA is recovering, after significant strain during the administration of former President Barack Obama. In Riyadh, he received a lavish, gold-plated welcome: His image was projected across the facade of the luxury hotel where he stayed, horses flanked his motorcade as it moved to one of the king's desert palaces and an extravagant celebration was held in his honor, complete with a traditional Saudi sword dance.

Trump, on the other hand, seems to see such global organizations as debating societies that are "all talk", when what the world needs now is more action. Instead, he reciprocated with a pledge to not publicly chastise the ruling royal family for its crackdown on political dissent. Merkel told an audience on Sunday, "The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days".

It is against this backdrop that the occasion of an "America First" president embarking on his first foreign visit to Europe should be understood. The photo of his solemn visit to the Western Wall was splashed across the front pages of Israel's newspapers.

When Pope Francis met the president and first lady he asked Melania Trump, "What do you give him to eat?"

The foundation of the United Nations in October 1945, whose express mission was to prevent such a devastating war from ever occurring again, along with the forming of other global organizations via the Bretton Woods agreements, ushered in a spirit of internationalism as the antidote to particularistic, nationalist forces disrupting the world order. Trump hung back, deciding against joining his peers. The presidency is more powerful than any of the tools that got him into the office.

  • Zachary Reyes