Trump expected to pull out of Paris Climate Agreement

"Both ways", he told reporters.

Junker spoke Wednesday in Berlin.

But many outside the country are now considering the idea that it would be inconsequential or even beneficial should the US withdraw. Jerry Brown said Wednesday that Trump is "on the wrong side of history" and that he hoped the president's stance on global warming would be short-lived.

2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Wednesday expressed his support for the remain in the Paris climate accord, arguing it was an opportunity to remain a leader on the world stage. However, others on Trump's team are pushing him to withdraw, something he promised to do as a candidate. The ad said that climate change is both a "business risk" and a "business opportunity", and said continued participation in Paris will actually benefit the USA economy and job growth.

Megan Bowman, a law lecturer at King's College, London, said the four-year waiting period was partly meant to insulate the agreement from a shift to a Republican presidency after Democratic President Barack Obama.

The United States agreed to the Paris climate agreement during the final year of the Obama administration.

Every nation involved in the talks, except Syria and Nicaragua, signed onto the deal.

USA electric vehicle producer Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said in a statement on Wednesday that he would leave President Donald Trump's advisory councils if the administration decides to pull out from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Seemingly taking a page from his reality-show playbook, Trump turned his decision into a series of Twitter cliffhangers before saying that he would make his landmark announcement Thursday.

At home, he faced urgent pleas from corporate leaders, including Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple, who told Trump on Tuesday that pulling out was wrong for business, the economy and the environment.

"Now, with President Trump going AWOL, China is emerging as the leader on climate change for the world", Brown said. Language for the withdrawal was still being prepared Wednesday, and will likely include specific legal conditions crafted by Trump's administration.

In May, Exxon CEO Darren Woods addressed the issue in a letter to Trump that said the now "well positioned to compete" and that sticking with the agreement could help companies access a "seat at the negotiating table". He calls the expected withdrawal "a big setback". A Danish lawmaker from a small, center green party says, "it resembles a crime against humanity and future generations".

Democratic US lawmakers said withdrawal would undermine US credibility and its position as a global leader, empowering nations like China to not only drive the climate agenda and set worldwide standards but also reap the economic benefits of a growing clean energy sector.

An American withdrawal would come less than 18 months after the historic 196-nation pact was signed in the French capital - the fruit of a hard-fought agreement between Beijing and Washington under Barack Obama's leadership. The organizations main Twitter page quoted Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as saying, “Climate change is undeniable.

But Musk has long held climate change as a personal passion topic, even positioning Tesla as a beacon of hope because its electric vehicles do not generate carbon emissions that cause global warming.

"I offered that it is possible to be pro-coal but also to stay in the Paris agreement".

Juncker said: "If the USA president pulls out of the Paris agreement, and he will in the next days or hours, then it is Europe's duty to say that that is not how it works". "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" he tweeted.

News of Trump's expected decision drew swift reaction from the United Nations. "One of the topics that they discussed, of course, was the president's upcoming decision on the Paris Climate Accords", said White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

  • Leroy Wright