Tom Cruise says Top Gun 2 in the works

In the above clip from Australian morning show "Sunrise" (as reported in The New York Times), Cruise stuns his hosts by admitting, "It's true..."

"Top Gun 2 is about Maverick returning to the Navy because he's the only one who can get an old version of powerpoint to work", one user wrote on Twitter. Previous year we we were treated to this lovely photo of Cruise and producer Jerry Bruckheimer together sharing that they were chatting about the film.

"Listen, it's an iconic character that [Cruise] helped create, so I think we would like to see what happened to Maverick for the last 30 years".

Tom Cruise must still feel the need for speed, with the star declaring a sequel to his 1986 action film Top Gun is "definitely happening". Asked if the sequel was actually going down, the actor said, "It's true". He later said, "You're the first people I've said it to, you asked me and so I'm telling you". This puts "Top Gun 2" on track to be released 32 to 33 years after the first film.

Last week, Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted out a photo of himself and Cruise for the 31st anniversary of the original film.

Better later than ever, especially because Tom Cruise is into his acting career more than ever. The 54-year-old actor recently confirmed that a sequel to his hit 1986 action flick is officially happening. While promoting Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation in July, Cruise spoke with cautious optimism about the sequel, saying: "If we can figure it out, it would be fun to do". The movie also stars Kelly McGillis, Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards.

  • Salvatore Jensen