State gas tax hike proposal dies without House debate

Special session parameters will include debate over Louisiana's operating and construction budgets, but not taxes.

Ivey spent months crafting bills to change a wide array of tax laws ahead of this year's legislative session, after lawmakers indicated they wanted to spend this session working on revising Louisiana's tax laws. So Edwards can not wait to see if lawmakers settle their differences by the close of the regular session before calling a special session to begin the same evening.

"One thing that we all know for sure especially in Lafayette, In south Louisiana we really need to work on our highways".

"It's shame that we're controlled by people that live outside our state, that have probably never traveled our roads to experience our problems", said Carter. "They don't want the gas tax", said Rep. Dodie Horton, a Republican from Haughton.

The move on the constitutional amendment came less than 24 hours after he cut the tax amount per gallon from 17 cents to 10 cents in a last-ditch effort to draw support from undecided legislators.

SC is the only other state to bar same-sex couples from receiving domestic abuse protections.

The Baton Rouge lawmaker blamed his bill's failure in part on the nationally-backed conservative group, Americans for Prosperity.

The tax hike bill was spearheaded by Baton Rouge-area lawmakers irritated by near-daily gridlock in the region and supported by business groups and Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Following Tuesday's voting, the five bills not sent to the Senate are still alive and have time to be passed by both chambers before the end of session in two weeks. The special session will run until midnight on June 19.

Meanwhile, a dispute between House Republicans and Democrats has stalled a construction financing bill. If necessary, the special session will follow.

  • Leroy Wright