President Trump's Son-in-Law Pushes Back Report Alleging Back-Channel with Russia

The Washington Post report states the White House plans to "aggressively combat the cascading revelations" about contacts between Russian Federation and Trump associates, including the president's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

White House officials said over the weekend that they saw no problem with the back channel, if there was one, however.

"It's both normal in my opinion and acceptable", he told ABC News on Sunday.

Kushner left the meeting with Kislyak off of disclosure forms he submitted to the government when applied for security clearance this year at the start of the Trump administration.

Trump seemed just fine with the practice on Tuesday morning when it was used in an article that helped clear Kushner's name.

Kushner made his secret communications proposal on December 1 or 2 at Trump Tower in NY, according to intercepts of Russian communications reviewed by U.S. officials, the Post reported late Friday.

"If not, then there's no way he can maintain that kind of a clearance", Schiff said.

News of the discussion was first reported by The Washington Post.

The conversation between Mr. Kushner and the Ambassador, Sergey I. Kislyak, took place during a meeting at Trump Tower that Trump's presidential transition team did not acknowledge at the time. The three people were not authorised to discuss the December meeting and spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The president did not hold a press conference during his nine-day trip, leaving top White House aides to give brief remarks and take a few questions.

The White House is bracing for the upcoming congressional testimony of former Federal Bureau of Investigation chief James Comey.

Jared Kushner is understood to be under scrutiny by the FBI as part of its wider investigation into Russian links.

"He needs to answer for what was happening at the time", Booker said.

"I think we should look at that...this is a pretty bad breach".

"The Fake News Media works hard at disparaging & demeaning my use of social media because they don't want America to hear the real story!", tweeted Trump.

White House officials defended the concept of secret communications channels without commenting specifically on the Kushner case.

"It is my opinion that numerous leaks coming out of the White House are fabricated lies made up by the #FakeNews media", Trump wrote in a series of Twitter posts.

Graham said. "I mean, it makes no sense that the Russian ambassador would report back to Moscow on an open channel that he most likely knows we're monitoring".

Cites the fakery because it is an anonymous source, therefore fake. The reports say Trump has hired a NY lawyer to advise him in handling the various investigations.

Trump is believed to be considering bringing back Corey Lewandowski, his hard-charging former campaign manager who had been fired for falling foul of the Trump children and Kushner.

Lewandowski's return would be notable, given the fact that he was sacked by Trump after clashing with staff and Trump's adult children.

The channel would have been used primarily to discuss U.S. He was interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in January about his contacts with Kislyak.

  • Leroy Wright