Police videos show chaotic scenes of nightclub massacre

Hours of newly released body cam footage show the chaos and horror officers encountered as they responded to the Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida nearly a year ago.

Police have released 11 hours of body-cam footage from the tragic shooting at a gay nightclub.

It was the most devastating mass shooting in American history: 49 people were killed, 53 injured. On one occasion, Comey said co-workers were concerned after Mateen told them he hoped police would raid his apartment and assault his family "so he could martyr himself". He had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group during phone calls with police negotiators. Gunman Omar Mateen was killed in a shootout with officers after a three-hour standoff.

"Come out with your hands up, or you will die", an officer shouts to the gunman in one of the videos. Most tragic of all are the videos of officers clearing the club amid the sounds of cellphones chirping loudly as family members desperately try to get ahold of their loved ones trapped inside. He came out of the left bathroom and we were stacked up, and the guys that were up front just started shooting right at him.

As victims moan around him in a video, an officer keeps his gun trained on a bathroom door.

"We were all in a great mood", said Jahqui Sevilla, a young woman who was at the club with friends.

"[Expletive] go in there and shoot his [expletive], man", she called out finally. In another clip, "We probably got about 20 gunshot victims, we're going to need a lot of people".

The situation was made more complicated when Mateen told dispatchers he had a bomb that could take out a city block.

The video was obtained by the Orlando Sentinel. you see cops entering the club through a broken window and zeroing in on the bathroom, where shooter Omar Mateen was holding club patrons hostage.

Meanwhile, police officer Brandon Cornwell can be heard saying a prayer: "Lord Jesus, watch over me".

  • Salvatore Jensen