One victim in Portland hate speech stabbing has Juneau ties

A viral image of the mother of one of the victims stabbed to death, in a hate crime in Portland last week, embracing a young Muslim girl has warmed many hearts.

Asha Deliverance, the mother of Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, one of the two men who was killed on Friday, in an open letter to Trump that was posted on social media on Tuesday, urged the president to condemn "acts of violence, which result directly from hate speech".

Authorities say Jeremy Christian on Friday started verbally abusing two young women, including one wearing a hijab.

Christian, 35, did not say anything during the brief court hearing other than shouting.

"He basically turned to my son and said awful things, and my son just grabbed his father's hand and squeezed it so tight, that my husband hoped he wouldn't break it", said Margie Fletcher, Micah Fletcher's mother.

His next court appearance will be June 7. Best and Namkai-Meche died of multiple stab wounds. So, I ask you Mr. President to take action at this time.

The defendent told police that he has no mental health issues, no income and can not recall the last time he had a permanent address. "Our prayers are w/ them", he said on Twitter.

Autopsies showed both victims died from stab wounds to their necks and Best also had a fractured vertebra.

Police reports say Christian is seen on surveillance video yelling racial and anti-Muslims slurs at the two young women and attacking the men, who intervened, with a knife, CBS News' Mireya Villarreal reports.

"He told us to go back to Saudi Arabia, and he told us we shouldn't be here, to get out of his country", Mangum said.

TEMPLETON: Police say that they are investigating what they call his extremist beliefs. The third man, Micah David-Cole Fletcher, survived the attack. I'm gonna say that on the stand.

"I just kept telling him, 'You're not alone". The public defender, who was introducing the case to the judge, halted his introduction while the wild-haired murder suspect continued on his tirade.

Fletcher concluded his video by imploring everyone to remember the two teenagers who got harassed, not just the men who got stabbed for trying to intervene.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler urged organisers of a Trump Free Speech Rally scheduled for Sunday in a park to cancel it, saying the event was inappropriate after the stabbings and speculating that it could turn violent. Noting that she herself is not Muslim, she said "they lost their lives because of me and my friend and the way we look". A grand jury is considering additional charges, and there could potentially be federal charges as well, but the FBI has said it's too early to determine if this was an act of domestic terrorism or meets the definition of a federal hate crime.

Christian is now being held without bail on two counts of aggravated murder and charges of attempted murder, intimidation and being a felon in possession of a restricted weapon.

  • Larry Hoffman